Hyderabad: Moghalpura residents' cup of woes brims over

Update: 2022-01-24 00:55 IST


Hyderabad: Residents of Moghalpura are facing the problems of basic civic amenities like sewage overflow, battered internal roads, lack of storm water, hanging electric wires, garbage dumped on roads, street vendors encroaching upon footpaths and lanes, lack of GHMC grounds and colony park and irregular drinking water supply.

Despite many pleas, issues especially bad internal roads, clogged sewer lines causing sewage overflow, dysfunctional streetlights, continuous overflow of drinking water and garbage dumped and pig menace on open spaces and roads remain unsolved, the residents mooted.


Areas like Haribowli and Sultan Shahi come under Moghalpura area. Though other areas have all basic amenities these areas conspicuously lack basic facilities.

Shaik Ahmed, a resident of Moghalpura, said "The main issue concerning everyone in the area is improper internal roads with uneven drains. Sewage overflow has become a daily nuisance with stench emanating from it due to which mosquito menace is also on the rise. With the repeated pleas falling on deaf ears of the municipal corporation authorities, we are clueless as to whom we should take our problems to." Maheshwari, a resident of Sultan Shahi said, "With no lifting of garbage from road and internal lanes, and huge pig menace, we are forced to live in unhygienic condition."

Another resident of Sultan Shahi mooted that the internal roads are so pathetic and narrow that they are unfit to use. "We have complained many times about this issue, but till date no action has been taken to improve the roads.

Encroachment of footpaths and roads by street vendors causing traffic chaos on main stretches of the area is another concern. There are no parks and grounds for children to play. They are found playing on roads which may lead to accidents.



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