Tirupati: Burglars decamp with Rs 1 crore jewellery

Update: 2022-03-17 00:10 IST

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Tirupati: In a major theft, unidentified miscreants struck a trader's house in the city and decamped with 1,500 grams of gold and 20 kg silver ornaments valued about more than Rs 1 crore.

The incident came to light after three days of incident. According to information, Surendranath residing at Irla Nagar running a Gayathri Enterprises where pulses and oils sold on wholesale. He has his house right above the Enterprises.

Surendranath along with his family members went to witness Theppostavam (float festival) in Tirumala on Monday evening and they returned home on the same day 10pm, only to find the bureau was broke open and the jewelry in it were stolen.

He immediately informed to West police who reached the house with clues team and started investigation after registering a case. As the gravity in the case was high, the Central Crime Station (CCS) teams also joined the investigation.

The accused entered house from backside as CC cameras were setup in front side of house and also the incident was happened in between 6pm to 10pm when the family members were away, police said.



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