Global leaders to take part in GTS

Update: 2023-02-10 00:04 IST

CEO of Pulsus Srinubabu Gedela with managing director, European Business and Technology Centre Poul V Jenson in New Delhi

Visakhapatnam: Business and technical experts from around the world gathered at Global Tech Summit (GTS) series of roundtable meetings to discuss pressing global issues and explore opportunities for international collaboration in New Delhi on Thursday.

The summit, which is scheduled on February 16 and 17 in Visakhapatnam, is expected to attract global technical, financial and researchers, who engage in a series of discussions and debates on future technologies which shape the world and technology.


"The Indian research and startup today face numerous challenges, from innovation to commercialisation and we cannot tackle these issues alone," opined Srinubabu Gedela, CEO of Pulsus.

The Global Tech Summit will continue to serve as an important platform for international collaboration and exchange of ideas as the organisers gear up for the series of events across G20 nations.

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is conducting Bharath digital session and panel discussion at Global Tech Summit. "We believe that this event will bring together some of the most innovative and forward-thinking leaders in the digital space and provide a platform for them to share insights and experiences on how to harness the full potential of digital technologies for the benefit of India," said Sarika Gulyani Director and Head-ICT, FICCI.

With the UK and India being the two largest economies in the world, there is a huge potential for increased trade and investment between the two countries, said Pragya Chaturvedi, Trade Policy Team Member, British High Commission, New Delhi.

The new trade initiatives are part of a broader effort to enhance UK-India trade and investment ties and support the growth and development of businesses in both countries.

"The Global Tech Summit platform marks an important step forward in our cooperation with Europe on scientific and technical matters. We believe that this collaboration will not only advance our collective knowledge and expertise, but also lead to new breakthroughs and innovations that will benefit both India and Europe," said Poul V Jenson, Managing Director, European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC).



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