The photo of the Zomato boys in a long queue outside the Hyderabad restaurant goes viral. Because nothing like biryani!

Update: 2019-04-16 12:52 GMT

Recently with a single tweet, Zomato India showed it once again; there is nothing like the delicious taste of this iconic biryani.

The food delivery app Zomato recently shared a picture on its Twitter accounts of executives who were waiting in a long row outside a Hyderabad restaurant to pick up biryani orders.

And the picture will actually blow your mind


"Which restaurant from your city deserves this kind of a queue?" this was the caption with which the picture was tweeted by Zomato

As per the Zomato's tweet, the photo that they shared was clicked outside the iconic Bawarchi restaurant in Hyderabad.

The tweet said, "Oh BTW, this picture was taken outside Bawarchi restaurant in Hyderabad. The total number of orders they receive in a day will blow your mind."

And after seeing the line, we are sure that it will be.

If you're curious, we would like to tell you the immensely popular restaurant receives up to 2,000 orders of biryani a day from Zomato alone.

The food delivery app revealed the same in its annual report too.

After Zomato posted the image online, it immediately went viral with people who shared their mutual love for Biryani.

While a user called the delivery agents "superheroes", another user wrote, "Seems half of Hyderabad is ordering and the other half is delivering."

"I love this so much and I'm not even sure why," one user wrote. "Literally every Biryani restaurant in Hyderabad. But it got to be Bawarchi."

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