Kondapalli Fort to draw more tourists

Update: 2019-02-19 05:30 IST

Vijayawada: The historical Kondapalli Fort will be developed as the major tourist destination in the capital region of Amaravati as the State government has taken up initiative to develop infrastructure facilities in and around the Fort. So far, the process of installing inscriptions, idols and portraits related to fort already started. 

The Department of Archaeology and Museum in co-ordination with other departments is trying to develop the fort. Located about 20 km from Vijayawada and 18 km from the capital city of Amaravati, Kondapalli Fort can be developed into a biggest tourist centre attraction in the coming years. 


The fort was built by Reddy kings who ruled the Krishna and Godavari region between 1325 and 1448. Reddy King Anavema Reddy built and strengthened the Kondapalli Fort during his rule between 1364 and 1386. The Kondapalli Fort was ruled by various dynasties for over six centuries and finally it was maintained by the British before the independence as training centre. 

According to Emani Siva Nagi Reddy, historian and CEO of the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati, Kondapalli fort was captured and ruled by Gajapati kings, Sri Krishna Devarayalu of Vijaya Nagar empire, Delhi Sultans, Kutub Shahis of Hyderabad, Moghals and finally by the British.


Keeping in view of its historical significance and natural beauty, the Andhra Pradesh Government had sanctioned Rs 9 crore for its renovation and development. The fort has a beautiful Durbar hall, dance hall, water tank, prison, Rani Mahal, market yard, arsenal and granary for storage of grains.  

The Department of Archaeology and Museums has renovated the Durbar hall and installed inscriptions and idols that were found in and around the Kondapalli Fort. The department has converted the Durbar hall into museum and installed the portraits of Quli Kutub Shahi rulers including Ibrahim Quli Kutub Shah, Mohammed Quli Kutub Shah, Abdulla Kutub Shah, Abul Hasan Tanisha, two ministers Akkanna and Madanna, who were the ministers and well-known people of this region. 

The Department of Archaeology and Museums strengthened the fort, walls and other structure of the Fort so that it can sustain for some more decades. Department of Archaeology and Museums Commissioner G Vani Mohan said the historical Kondapalli Fort would be made an important tourist centre of the capital region. She said adventurous sports like trekking has been introduced and efforts were on to conduct Kondapalli Fort celebrations every year to promote tourism activities.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who visited the Kondapalli Fort two weeks back to inaugurate the renovated fort, has said Rs 100 crore would be allocated for the development of fort. He said alternative roads would be developed to reach the tourists on foot from Kondapalli village to the fort.

The centuries old road located on the East side of the Fort was vanished in the last three decades as people started using the Ghat road which was constructed for the movement of vehicles after setting up a giant Doordarshan Tower nearly four decades ago. The Fort was deserted by Indian Government for many decades since British left the country. Now, the Andhra Pradesh Government is trying to develop the historical fort as an important tourist attraction in the capital region of Amaravati.

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