To solve Adivasi problems joining in TRS: MLA Athram Sakku

Update: 2019-03-05 20:31 IST

Hyderabad: In order to solve the problems related to Adivasi, Asifabad Congress MLA Athram Sakku has decided to join in TRS party.

He said that in Telangana there is no situation to support the Congress party. Speaking to media, Athram Sakku said that during the elections he has promised to solve the issues of Adivasi's.

In 2018 Assembly elections Congress has got defeated in the state, with it, he decided to join TRS party so that he may keep up to his promise.


For two terms the people of Telangana have elected TRS party, in order to develop his constituency and solve the people problems, he has taken this decision, MLA said.

MLA Athram Sakku expressed that under the leadership of Uttam Kumar Reddy, the TPCC will not come into power in the state.

Sakku said very soon he'll be joining in TRS party. Before joining into the pink party he said he'll also inform the media. 

Athram Sakku clarified that if needed he'll also resign to MLA's post and join the TRS party. 

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