World Obesity Day

Update: 2018-10-10 17:18 IST

Globally there are over 223 million obese school children. This is expected to reach 268 million by the year 2025... We need to act now!

11 October is observed as World Obesity Day globally to persuade realistic solutions to put an end to obesity. World Obesity Federation organizes it every year, it is a non-profit organization which is officially related to the WHO (World Health Organization) and it also works in collaboration with the Lancet Commission on Obesity.

World Obesity aim is to "guide and drive global efforts to avoid and treat obesity." We called on all governments, health care providers and NGOs to priorities investment to deal with obesity. We believe in investing in obesity treatment services, early intervention and prevention before it’s too late. 

In the year 2015, the first World Obesity Day was observed.  In the year 2016, the second World Obesity Day was organized which focused mainly on childhood obesity in accordance with WHO Commission report on Ending Childhood Obesity. 


2017 World Obesity Day agenda was “treat obesity now and avoid the consequences later."  

As we all know obesity is a condition where a person accumulates excess fat and affect health in a negative. One should maintain a healthy and active lifestyle before it’s too late when we have to burn our pockets to burn calories. 

Everyone should maintain their health, by eating healthy food and doing exercise.  Obesity may result in serious health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis and many others. We need to remember the fact that a “healthy body has a healthy mind.” So, our mental wellness also depends on our physical health. People should work out intensely for at least 30 minutes a day and kids should be engaged in physical activity of minimum 1 hour every day. 

The obesity should be checked from childhood itself before it gets complicated and becomes difficult to lose weight later. It not only affects the physical appearance but also their health, learning ability and quality of life. As kids are the future we should take care of them properly. As we all know health is wealth…. We should take care of our health, as it can’t be replaced or bought how much ever we spend for it later.



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