Bridge course for AYUSH – the seed of destruction

Update: 2018-01-08 16:55 IST

Acute shortage of MBBS doctors is indeed affecting the health care delivery system in rural India and which is known to the Government for several decades.   But recently the policy makers in the present union government have invented a Nobel Prize winning method to solve the shortage of MBBS doctors in the country.  

In fact, the present invention would create a situation where instead of shortage we might have MBBS doctors in excess or surplus.   One many wonder how such revolution is possible.  It is quite simple, according to the government headed by Modiji.  


Transform all health workers, midwives, nursing assistants, paramedics and wellness providers spread across the country under AYSUH as MBBS doctor.  Naturally one may wonder how people who have studied predominantly the faith healing practices using various herbs, several toxic metals, minerals, wide variety of fecal matter of different animals can be converted as MBBS doctor.    


We cannot deny the possibility that the Government might have asked itself the above question several times whether AYUSH as medical system and AYUSH vaidyas as doctor has any purpose and meaning for our health care delivery system.  Government also would have reflected the findings of NSSO survey in all fairness and would have certainly realized that neither AYUSH nor producing AYUSH vaidyas as doctor will have any benefit to our health care system and AYUSH is nothing but bundle of promises to mesmerize the innocence and gullibility of people. 

Perhaps this would have been one of the reasons why government would have come up with the idea of transforming the AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctors through a crash course.  The present move and intent of the Government is quite clear that AYUSH is no more relevant to our country and the Government may be looking for an appropriate opportunity to closedown the show instead of wasting money on such faith based practice.  

Writing on the wall looks clear for AYUSH.  But many AYUSH vaidyas are upbeat at the decision of the Government.  Once the bridge course is opened to vaidyas, almost all vaidyas in private practice would immediately swarm towards becoming ‘MBBS doctor through shortcut’ resulting in none are going to be available to practice AYUSH as most of them know that AYUSH products are nothing but hogwash.  

It means, the proposal of the Government is like ‘apoptosis’ or programmed cell death, the AYUSH will be killed by none other than by the vaidyas.  

Such situation may not earn any blame for the Government.   
The ancient Siddha system in Tamil Nadu has at least partly been destroyed by all those in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy.   As a result of that, even before knowing the possibility of any wonderment in Siddha system, it has been made to loose it sheen and shine by those Siddha graduates in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy.  

Bridge course proposal should be opposed fundamentally by the AYUSH vaidyas as such proposal would certainly annihilate and slain the system.   But instead some AYUSH vaidyas sees such decision as wonderful beginning may be owing to utter selfish reasons shredded around own survival.  

Imagine an Ayurveda or Siddha graduate as soon as complete the course migrate to allopathic practice means who will be there to sing the ancient song of AYUSH and who would play the rhyme of the 5000 years old saga?  

AYUSH industries also must worry at the decision of the Government.   Most of the industries make money out of the innocence of the people at the behest of the so called AYUSH vaidyas in the society who acts the role of doctor.   Imagine if all those so called doctors after graduation are no longer available to prescribe AYUSH products and are going to prescribe allopathic products, sooner than later the entire AYUSH industries would die.  

Even if we admit for a while that let all those who sell faith and promise shrink due to the above proposal or let us awaken the people to be wiser and analytical but will such hybrid doctors be of any use to our health care sector?  Never, things would go worst and it can even go beyond worst.  

So what our nation is going to achieve through such disastrous proposal of the Government?  Why should politicians bother about our country?  When our politicians take oath of secrecy and oath of office are supposed to act more as statesman than politician.  But if they continue to act like politicians, let GOD save my country.  

Although I am a non believer but whom else I can latch to save my breath when Government is so adamant to punish poor people.    


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