Health licences for meat shops : Standing committee clears revised policy

Update: 2019-01-20 05:30 IST

Amendments mandate demarcating shops, increase in registration fee

New Delhi: The standing committee of the BJP-led south corporation on Friday cleared a revised policy for getting health licences for meat shops, which now mandates an increase in the minimum distance between them and religious places.

The policy along with some amendments was passed by the highest decision-making body of the corporation, during its meet at the Civic Centre here. It now awaits nod of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) House. 

The new policy also proposes that meat shop owners get their councillor's permission to operate and specify the size of their shop, a senior SDMC official said. 

“If traders submit fake documents then their license will be revoked and a penalty of one lakh will be imposed. Besides, the registration fee would be hiked to Rs 7,000 from the current Rs 5,000 and renewal fee to Rs 5,000 from Rs 3,000,” the official said. 


The proposal tabled in the SDMC panel meet says that “no sale, purchase of fish, chicken, mutton, buffalo meat, pork or any other meat will be allowed at any open platform or a place open to the sky”. 

The Revised Meat Shop Licensing Policy also mandates increase in the distance between a meat shop and a temple, gurdwara or other religious place or cremation/burial ground. 

“Considering the sentiments of people visiting religious places, following will be complied with while granting new licence... The minimum distance between a meat shop and a temple, gurdwara or other religious place or cremation/burial ground... should be increased from 100 m to 150 m, if measured from either side/corner / front / side /back side of the meat shop,” reads the proposal. 

The distance of the religious place from the meat shop shall be measured through the public pathway or road only, and it shall not be measured through the property of other owners or residents, the revised policy says. 

“The condition of 150 m from a masjid (mosque) will be applicable in case of a pork shop only, i.e., licence for mutton, chicken, fish, and buffalo meat shops can be granted if they are situated less than 100 m from a mosque, provided the same is permitted by the Imam or Managing Committee of the mosque,” it reads. 

As per the revised licence policy, “No live animal shall be kept inside a meat shop and... Hides, skins, hoofs uncleaned guts will not be allowed to be to be stored at a meat shop,” it added. 

In 2017, the SDMC had proposed a ban on display of “both raw and cooked meat” of all kinds, by shop-owners right outside of their shops, sparking mixed reaction. 

South Delhi is home to many eateries and restaurants selling meat products in areas, including Hauz Khas, New Friends Colony, Green Park and Lajpat Nagar. Display of skewered kebabs and shawarma is a common sight at eating joints selling meat in various parts of Delhi. 

SDMC panel chairperson Shikha Rai on Friday also directed that a fresh survey of mobile tower installed in areas in its jurisdiction be conducted. 

She also pitched for not giving permission for installation of new towers, until old cases are not settled. 

A panel member also raised the issue of vehicular chassis “rotting” in junkyard owing to disuse. 

Rai also directed officials to look into this matter and ensure chassis purchased by the SDMC are properly used and not allowed to go waste. 



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