Why This Celebrity Trusts KENT CamEye for His Family's Security

Update: 2019-05-24 13:46 GMT

If you are a religious IPL follower, you might have seen Shah Rukh Khan popping up between the overs to share his security concerns towards his family while giving out a solution. With the number of crime cases increasing on a daily basis, even Shah Rukh Khan couldn't help but take steps to keep his kids secure while they are strolling around the city.

King Khan's car might have a GPS tracker, but what made him switch to KENT CamEye is a question that everyone is puzzled about. KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind Dash Cam Cum GPS tracker that uses dual cameras to record everything that's happening inside and outside the car. The features of this new-age car security device for passengers and vehicles are not limited to just recording; there's much more.

Advanced Real-Time Alerts on Phone

Real Time alerts are a savior when it comes to keeping an eye on the safety of your loved ones. The app will reside on your smartphone while letting you have full access to what's happening in the car. From offering alerts like over speeding and AC on while the car is parked to letting you know if the driver tries to unplug the device, this vehicle tracking system tackles challenges faced in various situations. The device also sends an alert when someone other than the designated driver tries to sit on the driving seat. Thus, extending more towards offering security.

Let's You Set Place of Interest Alert

Among all other features, this is one of the most advanced one. Early morning when your kids hop on in the car for school, the device will alert you the moment they are dropped. The 'Place of Interest' alert feature will let you know about the safe drop and pick-up of your kids from the school. Not just this, you can even set your wife's office address as a place to interest to get real-time updates. Once you receive an alert, you can switch on live streaming to check if they have safely got into or off the car.

Power Packed Performance

KENT CamEye comes with a 3000 mAh battery that lasts for about 24 hours. The pre-installed sim offers 4G/3G connectivity while the 720p camera records clear video even when it's dark with the help of the infra-red night vision. The device has an in-built speaker plus mic, temperature, accelerometer and light sensor. All the recordings get stored to the cloud and are available to see and download for 90 days. In case the 4G sim is facing connectivity issues, the 8GB internal memory comes into play. All the data stored in the internal memory automatically backs up to the cloud once the network connection is restored.

Time-Lapse Video Recording, Live Streaming & More

With KENT CamEye, keeping a constant eye on your loved one's safety will become easy. You can even see what's happening inside the car when it isn't in motion. The integrated face-recognition technology will help you identify the passengers sitting in the car. In case, your child is alone in the car and the driver ferries a friend on the way; you can instantly point out the issue to stop further instances. The stealth mode allows you as the owner of the car to restrict the camera from recording video and audio when you turn this feature on.

KENT CamEye is a new-age dash cam cum GPS tracker that surpasses all the vanilla GPS devices in terms of performance and features. The device can be easily installed without any help from a professional and is a boon especially for chauffeur driven cars. Book a free demo today to get a first-hand experience of this new-age dash cam cum GPS tracker. This made in India device can be easily bought from Amazon.

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