Adding information about blood group on drivers licence could save precious lives

Update: 2019-04-23 08:47 GMT

The driving licenses in Telangana state lack the most important and basic detail, the blood group. The option was included in the Motor Vehicle Act, with the intention that it would be useful in case of riders met with an accident. However, authorities say, that is not being implemented by the state because the information is optional.

Experts say, in emergencies, where an accident victim is unconscious and away from family, then the license can save not only time but also life if the Blood group is provided.

Social Activists says, that in spite of giving regarding the inclusions of blood group in the driving licenses even in the past, there have been no moves from the authorities It is one of the basic information that is needed by any hospital when an accident victim is taken there.

In 2013, A paracyclist, Shanmukha Rao lost his leg in an accident. he says I consider myself lucky because I was conscious when I met with the accident. I was able to tell my blood group to the doctors. But, there have been several instances when patients lose consciousness and doctors find it hard to find out their blood group.

RTA officials, on their part, put the onus on the central government. " Earlier, it was mandatory to mention the blood group. But now, it is optional as per the MV Act The power to make it mandatory lies with the central government. said C Ramesh, Joint Transport Commissioner, RTA.


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