Hyderabad: CPI demands improved infra in government hospitals

Update: 2020-08-05 01:25 IST

Hyderabad: CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana found fault with the State government for failing to provide necessary facilities and number of doctors at the government hospitals despite the number of COVID cases are on the rise.

In a letter to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao on Tuesday, he demanded the Telangana government to take immediate steps for providing necessary infrastructure and appointment of vacant health staff in the government hospitals. He alleged that a certain number of posts of health staff were intentionally kept vacant to the reasons best known to the authorities and politicians.

The CPI leader pointed out that it is disheartening to see patients were running away from the government hospitals due to the poor infrastructure and treatment facilities. Narayana said that the incident took place in Adilabad is a glaring example for this. It shows the bankrupt attitude of the State government failing to extend even minimum facilities in the government-run hospitals.

The Left leader pointed out the incident which was happened and the shortage of medical professionals at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Adilabad, is directly impacting patient services. Though the State government has accorded administrative sanction to recruit doctors, the disgruntled faculty at RIMS is 'impeding' the recruitment process. In turn, the corporate hospitals were taking advantage of the situation in government hospitals and exploiting the patients with lakhs of bills for low-quality health services, he said.


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