Hyderabad: Officials conduct trial run ahead of SSC examinations

Update: 2020-06-02 02:10 IST
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Hyderabad: The State Education Department (SED) officials have conducted trial runs ahead of the SSC examinations scheduled to start from June 8. According to officials, the trial runs have been carried out with the teachers and other staff at the selected examination centres to create awareness on the process to comply with the social distancing and other norms issued by the State government in view of Covid outbreak.

On Monday, the trial run was conducted at Sloka and other few schools designated as examination centres in the twin cities.

Regarding the seating arrangement, the officials said that the number of students allowed in each room is based on the size of the room. However, following the social distancing norms, this time, a maximum of 8 to 12 students will be writing in a room, where earlier 20 to 25 students were allocated.

Besides, leaving a gap between the rows the students will be asked to sit in a zig-zag manner. Speaking to The Hans India, a senior Education official said that as soon as the student enters into the examination centre he has to move in boxes drawn on the floor maintaining one after another.

Only students wearing masks will be allowed and at the entry points into the building of the examination centre, they will be screened for temperature. The students will be asked to move into the examination room one after another maintaining the social distancing, she added. Similarly, the procedure would be followed by the officials, teachers on the examination and invigilation duties.

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