Nizamabad: Harish exudes confidence of BRS hat-trick win in State

Update: 2023-05-29 01:30 IST

Harish Rao(File Photo)

Nizamabad: Finance and HealthMinister T Harish Rao attended the Athmeeya Samelanam of BRS workers at Lingampeta Mandal, Yellareddy Constituency in Kamareddy District. The event witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals, including Zaheerabad MP BB Patil, Yellareddy MLA Surender, as well as Telangana activists, public representatives, and leaders from the constituency.


During the gathering, Minister Harish Rao reflected on the journey thus far, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane while highlighting the remarkable progress achieved in the state. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of BRS workers, acknowledging their tireless commitment to the party’s cause.

Recalling the formative years of the party back in 2001, Minister Harish Rao made reference to the party flag, which symbolized a period of adversity and famine. Contrasting those challenging times with the present, he underscored the remarkable development and growth experienced in the state, attributing it to the collective efforts of the party workers and leaders.

Harish paid tribute to the senior leaders of the Telangana movement who played an instrumental role in the Yellareddy constituency, emphasizing their invaluable contributions to the region’s progress.

Taking a dig at the opposition, Harish criticised a recent meeting organised by the Congress party’s Revanth Reddy, where the turnout was significantly lower. This stark contrast in popularity and public support highlighted the strong position and overwhelming support enjoyed by the BRS party in Telangana.

Expressing skepticism about the Congress party’s prospects in the upcoming elections, Minister Harish Rao questioned their leadership abilities and the lack of MLA candidates in 40-50 constituencies, particularly candidates lacking a clear sense of direction.

Responding to criticisms from both the Congress and the BJP regarding the formation of Telangana, the minister emphasized the welfare and development that the new state has brought about. He drew comparisons between Telangana and other states like Maharashtra and Gujarat, highlighting the favorable water situation in Telangana and the significant benefits resulting from its governance. In contrast, he mentioned that even cities like Pune faced drinking water scarcity, with water available only once every five days.

Dispelling outdated agricultural practices, Minister Harish Rao highlighted Telangana’s success in overcoming the reliance on oil engines for agriculture, unlike states with BJP double-engine governments. He further underscored the progress made in addressing electricity shortages within a short span of six months, challenging the opposition’s claims on the issue. He criticized the BJP-ruled states, referring to them as “oil engine governments” and criticizing their reliance on outdated practices.

“If the sheep is strong, it will be profitable for the shepherd. Likewise, if KCR gains power, Telangana will prosper,” Minister Harish Rao remarked, emphasizing the positive impact of strong leadership on the state’s progress.

The Minister expressed his deep admiration for the people of Yellareddy and pledged to provide double the quota of double-bedroom houses to the constituency, demonstrating his commitment to their welfare. Confident in the BRS’s ability to secure victory in the upcoming elections, he declared that no force could hinder their path to success.



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