Andhra Pradesh: Petition filed in High Court over successor of Brahmamgari Matham

Maruti Mahalakshmamma

Maruti Mahalakshmamma


  • Maruti Mahalakshmamma moves High court over the successor of Brahmamgari Marham.
  • Alleged she was forced toe accept the earlier decision

Andhra Pradesh: The controversy over the appointment of successor of the Brahmangari Matham in Kadapa district seems to have started again. Maruti Mahalakshmamma, the second wife of the late Chairperson, has approached the High Court on the issue. She filed a petition alleging that the high level men had forcibly persuaded themselves in the compromise negotiations.

She asked the High Court to decide whether the appointment of the Chairperson was by will or by agreement of the family members. She said that according to the will, her son to inherit the presidency. He explained that the petition was filed to find a permanent solution to the dispute. She urged the devotees and villagers to understand this.

It is learned that four days ago, compromise talks were held under the auspices of the MLA and revenue officials. An announcement was also made electing Venkatadri Swamy, the eldest son of the eldest wife, as the chairperson and Veerabhadra Swamy, the second son, as the successor. The controversy erupted again when Maruti Mahalakshmamma moved High Court.

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