Government urged to extend Coronavirus vaccine to homeless poor

Coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine


They may miss vaccination due for not having Aadhaar, mobile number

Vijayawada: The Union government has launched the Covid vaccination drive in order to give protection to the people from the coronavirus. Health workers are getting vaccination at the selected places in the State and the country. Later, frontline workers, municipal workers, revenue staff will be covered, followed by the people, who are aged over 50 years.

As per the rules, Aadhaar card and mobile number is must for the vaccination. The interested people have to enrol their names in the COWIN app and they will get SMS to get the vaccination. So far, the health workers are registering their names at the given vaccination centres and receiving the shots.

But thousands of people living on the canal bunds, outskirts of the city, on pavements and other places neither have Aadhaar cards nor the mobile phone numbers. So, they can't get the vaccination as per the norms of the government. If these poor hapless people don't get vaccination, the objective of the Central and State government to give vaccination to all people will not be fulfilled.

Most importantly, these poor people are vulnerable to infections like Covid-19 and they are prone to sickness due to poor immunity. Malnutrition is another big problem faced by these poor people.

Keeping in view their plight, the State government has to take initiative and provide vaccination programme, says BVS Kumar, former chairman of the Child Welfare Committee. He said educated people, employees, traders and other sections of society who have residence may get Aadhaar card and mobile phones and naturally get the Covid vaccination. But the vulnerable people may not have access and they need support from the government.

Kumar wrote a letter to Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to consider the option to provide vaccination to these homeless poor people.

He requested the CM to examine the possibility of covering these people for the vaccination without getting registered their names in the COWIN app. Hundreds of families in the cities like Vijayawada have no home and been living on the pavements, slums and other open places without having Aadhaar cards and mobile phones.

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