Minister Anil Kumar Yadav dares Chandrababu Naidu to face court cases

Irrigation Minister P Anil Kumar Yadav during a visit to Gurralamadugu Sangham in Nellore on Sunday

Irrigation Minister P Anil Kumar Yadav during a visit to Gurralamadugu Sangham in Nellore on Sunday


  • Wonders why the TDP chief has approached the court for securing stay order on Amaravati lands issue when he is not guilty
  • Points out that the former Chief Minister had obtained 16 stay orders earlier

Nellore: Irrigation Minister Dr P Anil Kumar Yadav dared former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to face court cases.

The Minister wondered why Naidu had approached the court to secure stay order in Amaravati lands issue when he is really not guilty and described the Opposition Leader as 'Babu with stays.'

Anil visited various places in the city on Sunday and interacted with the media. He pointed out that the YSRCP had bagged majority seats in panchayat and municipal elections and the history is going to repeat again in the Tirupati by-election shortly. He said Naidu had obtained 16 stay orders earlier and again he got orders a couple of days ago.

The Irrigation Minister visited Gurralamadugu Sangham, Cheepurukatta Sangham, CRP Donka, Woodhouse Sangham, Moulasaheb Street and other areas and observed the condition of the Jaffar Saheb canal along with the party leaders.

He said the Nellore district had received plenty of rainfall this year due to the mercy of God and there would be no problem for irrigation.

He said they would start lining works of Sarvepalli canal in April and hence he was interacting with the local people as a wall would be constructed as part of the works.

The Minister said some people would get affected with the construction of the wall and hence he was collecting views of the local people.

About 1,200 houses located on the canal from Gurralamadugu Centre would get affected and he assured that they wouldn't relocate families from there and would allocate house sites close to their areas and construct houses, if necessary.

Anil Kumar said Nellore Municipal Corporation elections were approaching shortly and some people may try to deviate these issues as part of the campaign. He also said they were going to construct the retaining wall at a cost of Rs 100 crore on the banks of the River Penna for protecting locals from flash floods. The flyover being constructed at Ramalingapuram is likely to be completed by Dasara festival.

A four-lane road would be laid on the river close to Penna Barrage and widen the Mypadu road for the convenience of commuters. YSR Congress leaders V Srikanth Reddy, D Venkateswarlu, K Pratap Reddy and others were present.

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