Auspicious days to buy gold in India 2020

Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery


One of the valuable metal that everyone goes gaga over it is the yellow metal Gold.

One of the valuable metal that everyone goes gaga over it is the yellow metal Gold. This precious metal has become part of life as it is a traditional item that is mostly served inauspicious events such as weddings and other events. Most of us look for a special day to buy Gold, which is known as muhurta. Irrespective of the gold price, people go for gold on the auspicious days in a year. We know that Akshaya Tritiya is the day most people buy gold. Apart from Akshaya Tritiya, there are other days where you can go for gold purchase. However, we are here to collate some of the auspicious days to buy gold.

Pongal Begins on Wednesday

Pongal is an auspicious festival for the Hindus across the country where the farmers reap money from their production, which in turn helps them to gather some precious items. As the festival is celebrated for about four days from January 14 to 17, it is the best time to buy gold jewellery as it brings prosperity.

Gudi Padwa: March 25, 2020

Gudi Padwa is the festival of spring Celebrated in Maharashtra, which is considered as new year as per lunar Hindi. People of Maharashtra feel it as an auspicious to buy Gold. The festival is celebrated on different names across the south India, where the people of respective States buy gold.i

Baisakhi April 13, 2020

The festival is mainly related to north India, which is a harvest festival mainly in Punjab where women will be donned with gold and hence they prefer to buy gold on the day of the festival.

Akshaya Tritiya: April 26, 2020

It is regarded as an extremely special day to buy gold as on the day Lord Vishnu has supplied Akshaya Patra that contains unlimited food to Pandavas. The day is auspicious to buy gold.

Onam August 22 to September 2, 2020

The festival belongs to Maharashtra the same as Gudi Padwa is believed to be an auspicious day to buy gold in the new year.

Navratri: October 17, 2020, to October 25, 2020

The nine-day festival Navratri which is celebrated the nine forms of Goddess Durga. It is the festival to purchase gold.

Dussehra: October 25, 2020

The festival that marks the victory of good over evil where Rama Killed Ravana and Durga triumphed over Mahishasura. Dussehra is also regarded as an auspicious day to buy gold.

Dhanteras: November 13, 2020

This is the shubh muhurat to buy gold on Dhanteras. Dhanteras is a festival of Gold where devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, people believe buying gold on Dhanteras would bring them prosperity and happiness.

Shubh Muhurat to buy Gold on Dhanteras

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