Fashionista Nadia White - shining with her art to intensify one's personality with fitness and makeup

Fashionista Nadia White - shining with her art to intensify one

Nadia stands up to a quote said by Jim Murphy, “She sees in black and white, thinks in greys, and loves in colours.” What better way to define a...

Nadia stands up to a quote said by Jim Murphy, "She sees in black and white, thinks in greys, and loves in colours." What better way to define a passionate makes up artist. Her passion and spirit to enhance the inner beauty of a person through her art is incredible. Not only this, she has been a collaboration with brands as a fitness model. Her contribution as a makeup artist will be soon evident in Bollywood ventures. She has been sharing her beauty regime on the internet for all her followers and seekers. Nadia is a recognized individual in her field and she dedicates her time in bringing out the best in an individual through her makeup artist.

This is the era where people crave to look beautiful, post pictures, stand in the limelight etc. Nadia is an example, who elevates the art of makeup. It is quite difficult for a lot of girls out there to stand confidently and be proud of their physical appearance. Putting on the flawless makeup, blending the right colours and amplifying the beauty is a very strenuous job. Working for Bollywood artists and giving them the meticulous look, is commendable. Not only has she been a dedicated professional but her work will also be acknowledged in upcoming Bollywood projects. We, as the audience, have definitely seen the power of makeup. It can change the entire personality of an individual and also gives the audience a different perspective to watch a movie. It's all the hard work of a makeup artist behind those curtains.

Her Instagram handle is proof that she is a believer of good health and care. It is evident from all the posts that she likes to keep her followers updated about her lifestyle as well as the places she has been travelling. Her fitness and her health are also the reason why she looks flawless. She is a gym person and also shares all her pictures working out and maintaining her body and health. Makeup does glams up a person but being fit is an inevitable process to look refreshed and glowing. She shares her eating habits and her range of products on these social media websites for her followers to pursue.

These beauty regimes are a very important part of Nadia's life. The brands she prefers using and exploring are no secret to people whom she inspires. She has been vocal about them quite a lot on her social media handles. Her way of balancing her personal life as well as being a social figure and managing her professional life is exhilarating. To possess that passion and also work hard towards accomplishing the goals are two very important parts of Nadia's life. Her husband has been constant support towards her profession and her life.

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic, It takes sweat, determination and hard work." Nadia is working tirelessly to achieve her dreams. Her work of precision and art is worth the praise and appreciation that she receives. Giving people a chance at confidence and belief is a huge blessing, that she has been providing to people. Nadia is an aspiring makeup artist. She believes she still has a lot to achieve in life but her one major goal is to give people the taste of her spirit and her passion. She wants to spread the love of makeup and colours and attain the fame and name in the profession with all her hard work.

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