Mimic Priyanka Chopra's Sun-Kissed Makeup And Own A Radiant Look

Mimic Priyanka Chopras Sun-Kissed Makeup And Own A Radiant Look
Priyanka Chopra

Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, the whole world has been locked down at home.

Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, the whole world has been locked down at home. All of them are stuck in their homes to stay safe from the Covid-19 disease as it owns contagious symptoms.

Coming to celebrities, even they have got the unwanted break… So, most of them are enjoying to the core with their family and are bringing out their quirky sides.

Even our desi diva Priyanka Chopra is also having a fun time with her hubby Nick Jonas. This Bollywood lass is treating her fans with all her sun-kissed looks and is mesmerizing us with her charming beauty.

Off late she dropped a stunning click of her where she added a bit of cherry lip glamour making it more alluring!!!This more sun-kissed pic of her made us fall for her beauty… Have a look!

In this post, Priyanka can be seen wearing a dash of makeup adding a touch of blush, cherry tinted lips, glossy eyeshadow and mascara… She looked uber chic sporting in awhite outfit…

So we Hans India have come up with this Cherry-Lip makeup tutorial for our readers…

Step One: Regular CTM

First, you need to follow the proper CTM rules… Clean up your face with a mild cleanser and then go with rose toner. Finally, moisturize your face with sunscreenlotion… This protects your face from the harmful UV rays.

Step Two: Compact Powder

Here comes the factual procedure… To own that sun-kissed look, you need to reverse the order of applying makeup. First, go with dusting translucent powder all your face and neck. Then spritz the makeup setting spray keeping it a few inches distant from your face.

Step Three: Foundation

Next, comes the skin tone matching foundation… Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face and blend it smoothly all over your face and neck with the makeup puff.

Step Four: Eye Makeup

Coming to eye makeup, start off with your eyebrows… Brush them with the eyebrow brush towards up and then fill in the golden-coloured eyeshadow to the lashes and then add the mascara to make your eyes look defined.

Step Five: Blush And Highlighter

This is also the main step to own that sun-kissed look… Add golden blush to your cheeks and then pick the same colour highlighter and add it to your T-area, brow bones and ends of the face. It gives a shiny and shimmery look making your own that sun-kissed look!

Step Six: Cherry Lips

Finally, comes the lipstick… When the statement red lipstickneeds tohit your lips, how can they stop from stealing the hearts??? Fill in your lips with cherry lip shade and then remove the excess with the tissue paper.

That's it guys… Follow this makeup tutorial look glowing and radiant with all the 'Sun-Kissed' look!!!

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