Rasika all praise for male writers of female characters

Actress Rasika Dugal

Actress Rasika Dugal


Actress Rasika Dugal has always been known for essaying strong characters

Actress Rasika Dugal has always been known for essaying strong characters. However, she says that there was a time when she got bored of playing the same roles. The actress adds that sometime back she was only offered roles of women who were morally upright and she never found them to be very realistic. "For the longest time, I felt that the kind of roles that I was being offered were morally upright. You don't usually see that in life," says Rasika.

She says that a lot of male writers tend to make the women in their stories very nice. "A lot of men writing women characters do this disservice. They make the characters very nice. I was a tad bored with it. I was missing complexity. But then, I got several roles that were different. I am totally enjoying this phase," she added.

Rasika says that she has never tried to find out why she has been accepted or rejected for a role. "Why you are or are not approached is something I don't know about. I am happy to be oblivious to this. If I find out why someone takes or rejects an actor, I will quit this career. I would rather be oblivious and delusional rather than sit and worry what people think," she says. "I approach every role instinctively and I don't believe in labelling a role as strong or weak. I am uncomfortable with that as that's not how I saw it. I saw it with moments of weakness and strength," she says.

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