The Pop-Up Collective

Location: Rock Castle Restaurant - A Royal Treat,GVK1 Mall Lane,Banjara Hills, Green Valley, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Start Date: 2019-12-01 12:09:26
End Date: 2019-12-01 12:09:36

About The Event

Flea | Stand-Up | Live Music

A mélange of these three aspects brought forward like never before. A newcomer to the Events Scene in Hyderabad, Panzer Events brings you a curated flea market experience.

So, come on down, experience the Flea of your lifetime. Welcome to the world of Panzer.


Mr. Rohit Swain (Headliner)

Mr. Hargun Singh (Opening act)

Mr. Rohit Swain | Stand-Up Comedian:

having performed over 500 shows across India, his stage performances are a mix of Stand Up, impersonations, sketches & funny songs on guitar which keeps his style of comedy delightfully amusing. A Tedx speaker who has been featured on NDTV's The Rising Stars of Comedy where he was hilarious as hell. He is surely an act you should not miss.

Mr. Hargun Singh | Stand-Up Comedian:

A welcoming new face to the local Stand-Up comedy scene. He belongs to a different breed of comics bringing in new perspectives and fresh takes on the usually ignored and boring aspects of life.

Terms & Conditions

1) Smoking is strictly prohibited at the venue other than in a designated smoking zone.

2) Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs is strictly prohibited in the venue.

3) Panzer Events reserves the Right of Admission and is not liable to refund the ticket price in the event of the ticket holder found breaking the terms and conditions and any generally accepted parameters.

4) With regards to the Stand-Up Show, Panzer Events is not liable for vulgarity, offence, or anything similar taken by the ticket holder. The ticket holder is informed that the views and opinions of the Artists are solely of the Artists and are exempt from any liability, let these terms and conditions act as a disclaimer to the ticket holder.

5) All participants are exempt from any claims coming under the banner of Vis Major and Volenti Non Fit Injuria.

6) Panzer Events cannot be held liable in whole or in part for any lapses from the side of the Talent, Vendors or Locations.

7) No refunds can be claimed on the grounds of inability to come for the event.

8) No re-entry allowed for the Stand Up Show.

9) Recording & live recording of the Stand-Up Show is strictly prohibited, wrong-doers are liable to be escorted out of the venue with the recording device being seized and the recording being deleted.

Timings | 01:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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