Come fall in love…

Come fall in love…

If asked some honest questions…what would you all reply?Let's see… Be honest.What is the one thing which you would love to do anytime in life? Who is...

If asked some honest questions…what would you all reply?Let's see… Be honest.

What is the one thing which you would love to do anytime in life?

Who is the one person you would want to spend time with?

What is the best thing you achieved until now in life? Is it connected to what you love to do?

Unless you have defined what you love to do, with whom you want to spend time in your life, doing what will keep fascinating you to continue achieving in life, how can you ever fall in love with your life?

Perhaps everyone knows about these facts of his life but refrains to give it importance.

What ideal is to:

FIND YOUR REAL LOVE IN LIFE: Some call it the purpose of existence, some call it motivation to keep living and keep going in life, some call it divine direction, some get driven by some inspiration. Whatever works for you is good as far as you are able to answer all the above questions honestly and then know whether you are really doing that for yourself. What will ultimately give you the sense of perfect loving existence of yours on this planet? This opportunity was not given to all living beings. It was given just to us, the chosen ones.

Are we really making use of that opportunity?

Falling in love with your existence and the purpose which resonates with truly yourself and your unique being is what you have come to play here. If you are playing any other music, you are wasting the opportunity of this precious time. Whether you give an excuse of survival or compulsions it is all a loss to you. If you want to gain you have to figure out your forte to come and fall in love with it so much that no reason is a big reason to take you away from that intention.

If your intention is to be the one you have come here for, the universe will start directing all the things to come towards you.

A simple way to understand your purpose is to find which work fascinates you over and over again to do and you are able to do it effortlessly.

A profound way to cherish is to continue doing and gaining the juices of love in the form of satisfaction.

How do you find that out?

Every time you do something and there is a smile on your face that you did it to your best you have started to fall in love with what you are doing.

When you start to fall in love with what you are doing you are closer to finding your purpose to existence.

Whenever you get closer to finding your purpose of existence you enhance your living experience and become your best unique self.

That is what makes you 'Perfect Instrument of the Almighty' created for a unique purpose here and now because:

"Perfection is not the definition created by someone else for us. Perfection is what we create through us in this world and we feel it was done with a flavour of our existence."

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