On a quest for happiness in a corporate suit

The latest book by Runjhun Noopur is a roller-coaster ride that will make you question everything you ever knew about your own happiness…

Masks are inevitable. They are, in fact, essential, for our harmonious existence," says the mirror lady – one of the guides, who takes the corporate guy, on a quest of happiness through dimension one of The Masquerade Party. The book 'Nirvana in a Corporate Suit' is an attempt at unravelling the real with the help of surreal. A thriller of a different kind, the book is the story of a person in a corporate suit, who finds himself hating his day, which he thinks was worse than the usual. And, for him, that means it's worse than an argument and dressing down from his boss, or a spat with his girlfriend, which are all part of his life – a corporate life where real emotions are hidden behind a mask when dealing with situations. As he dwells upon his day and seeks to find happiness; at a weird place and time, he hears a voice asking him to look within for happiness and to be able to do so he is asked to go to Gangotri and look for the person behind the voice. He actually embarks upon the journey if only to unravel the mystery and meets this Baba, a music lover, especially Cobain and his Nirvana, who are tuned into the modern world from where he draws his references while leading him on his quest. He takes the corporate guy on an exploratory journey into the wilderness and makes him look into the mirrors to see for himself the shackles that are on his way of realising his true self. And unless the shackles are cleared there is no way he can look beyond the mirrors around him and continue on the path to seek happiness.

As we read on the life lessons from the world beyond, having an uncanny connection to life as we know it, cloaked in humour, sarcasm, banter and repartee, the theme of the book unravels itself.

The writer of the book Runjhun Noopur, an ex-corporate lawyer, an entrepreneur and corporate coach for happiness, brings out a book that offers a unique take on principles of happiness, which is not preachy and is embedded in a story of a corporate guy and his guide, talking mirrors, alternate dimensions, out of the world locations, lending itself to an engaging narrative that will appeal to the new-age readers. You will be drawn into the mystical world and each will relate to his own quest for peace and happiness. Is it truly within ourselves and if so, how do we reach it amidst so much chaos? Runjhun chooses an innovative way to make the reader question and leads them on to the possibility of answers.

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