Hyderabad: Using poetry to break free from fetters

Hyderabad: Using poetry to break free from fetters

Hyderabad-based, 20-year-old, Ananya Guru Sangameshwar published her first collection of poems titled ‘Unfettered’.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based, 20-year-old, Ananya Guru Sangameshwar published her first collection of poems titled 'Unfettered'. This collection of poetry covers a range of emotions, including joy, pain, positivity, and warmth. It deals with dreams and aspirations, daily life, nature, and philosophical ideas. These poems are an attempt to rise from challenges and break free from the bonds of society. Some poems are whacky, while others are deep, but they are all sure to move you in some way. Come embark on a journey to reach out to your inner self!

The debut author says "More than that, these are poems about everyday experiences, small things that often go unnoticed,". The main poem, Unfettered, is about getting away from voices that put you down and breaking free from them. It is one of her favourite poems and should give you an essence of what to expect from her debut collection of poems.

Ananya is pursuing her UG in Communications and Media, English and Psychology from Christ University, Bengaluru. she has taken her love for writing, which she has been working on since class IX. Ananya did her schooling in Kennedy High The Global School, Bachupally.

When asked about who is your inspiration she said "Whenever I feel down, I turn to nature. I take a walk and automatically feel inspired. Even if I look up at the sky, I feel rejuvenated," she loves watching birds and she is clearly a nature lover. She carries a notebook around and jots down ideas as and when they come to her mind. Ananya wants to become a writer.

"The poems have a very fresh quality to them, hitting you like "gusts of wind", or bathing you with the warm "rays of sunshine", two metaphors which she frequently uses. As can be expected from the title, the most common theme is being free. In fact, the very first line of the first poem is exactly that - "Unfolding my wings in all their glory".

There are a couple of poems that go a bit into the darkness like the "The Terrible Tale" which tells you that the author is not all about bubbly joy and freedom. She is aware of the negative stuff which hits us. As for the words, they are every bit appropriate to the structure and content of the poems. There are a couple of instances where the words appear forced to maintain the rhyme. But even the best of poets have had that difficulty." says one of the readers.

"Poetry is my passion, it helps me feel good and also helps me connect with myself," she says and adds that she doesn't just like writing poetry; she also likes analysing and discussing them. "I will read any genre of poetry," Ananya concludes.

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