Launchpad for emerging entrepreneurs

Launchpad for emerging entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is an emerging career option for most youngsters in India now. It's a business entity very few can dare to accept and attempt.

Entrepreneurship is an emerging career option for most youngsters in India now. It's a business entity very few can dare to accept and attempt. The prelude to entrepreneurship is challenges nothing short of it consistently all through the journey of a budding self-made entrepreneur par ordinaire' as he/she sets the sails in all the directions eventually to make a mark.

In an age or market which has numerous options, why do entrepreneurs choose this career option where they are not able to make a penny with huge spends. There are various dimensions to look at it country specific wise with the way entrepreneurship is addressed.

Bywords for a successful functioning of a business entity can be viewed from two angles - open ended market & close ended market. In an open market, opportunities exist on an equal footing for all with no discrimination as lateral learning and growth epitomise or complement each other. Growth and in turn productivity escalate with all round benefits.

This shoots up the growth curve for both the entrepreneur and the market. In a close ended economy, there are no ample opportunities or is the market user friendly. Why? Businesses need ample support from the market they represent; if many a negative influencers and factors fall prey to your efforts on business, it takes a lapse. The cream of the cream most times would want to be on their own; while in a job there are many a negations in terms of people blocks, negative mind sets, opposition than a decent proposition, which cause a hindrance to the aspirations of wannabe champions.

If we look at the case study of our country, we have lost some of the best raw talent to other countries who use the brains of our experts for their own vested interests and all-round development. Most are second rated citizens with good perks. It's à compromise for survival.

The question we need to address is how to reverse the brain drain for the benefit of our own nation. By providing a platform of exponential opportunities, enhancing further government support way through funding, support joint collaborations, recognising latent talent and creating talent pools and cross promoting them for a mutually beneficial association. The government of our country is dynamic and is setting a string example on all fronts. If it expands its reach a little further by honouring the cream, it would be a win. The market has already opened up for youngsters, a further step towards a profitable leap forward will boost the morale of the young.

Some snippets for entrepreneurs as you kick-start your amazing journey as an entrepreneur:

l Question yourself on why you initiated the journey.

l Do you have it in you to accept only challenges? Embark only then.

l High amount of energy is needed to counter every move. Are you passionate?

l Bywords for an entrepreneur - Multi Tasker/ Time Management Expert

Just as Beacon stated, some books have to be cooked, some chewed, and some tasted it holds similar for an entrepreneur who further has to curate to the extent of not being accepted by any just because he or she is not making any money. Well, that's a crucial challenge all the way. We live in an age of instant coffee, but this principle corollary is just as opposing as the above as it holds no good on this aspect. The curves are many, some can be faced but most can't be avoided. Money making is an impediment for those doing it ethically. Compromising to make money is just a gamble; while building a mortar to mortar and brick to brick kiln will make it go a long way as the foundations are strong with less under currents and more greener pastures.

Robert H. Schuller: "Tough times never last, but tough people do".

There are no secret recipes for building an empire. But with hard and smart work, good market strategies and being practical in addressing the market value parameter, one can make a mark in a diluted market.

Walt Disney: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Ingredients for Successful Business

l Business Building

l Business Strategy

l Idea Proposition

l Planning, Execution, Implementation

l Customer Relationship Management

l Market Positioning

l Inclusiveness

l Driving Innovations

l Authentic Change

l Thought Leadership

l Bottom of the Pyramid

l Risk Evaluation

l Business Curve

To quote Albert Einstein: "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." Unquote As Warren Buffett stated someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago holds true. Knowledge without action is meaningless. So without any support too, any business venture goes for a toss. Having quality people and minds, good CRM, sparkling teams who are assets rather than liabilities will help in the growth trajectory of a blueprint company which focuses on a consolidated level.

Vibrant people dynamics, authentic leadership, marketing strategy generating revenues, dynamic operations, recurring customers, bottom down approach, avoiding top up approach, which will pave the way for an encompassing and stimulating entrepreneurial venture giving rise to many by multiplying. From a powerful vision to a powerful reality.

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