Mysuru: Teenager gives a new lease of life to six after death in road mishap

Sharath Kumar, 19

Sharath Kumar, 19


Parents donate his six organs after he was declared braindead

Mysuru: Sharath KumarA teenager has given a new lease of life after his death in a road accident. Sharath Kumar, 19, was taken to Spandana Hospital, Mysore, from the Government Hospital in Malavalli in Mandya, after he suffered a head injury when his bike was hit by a lorry on December 24.

Later, he was shifted to Apollo BGS Hospitals in a critical

condition for a better care. Initial CT scan revealed a stem infarction in his brain and the boy was then shifted to ICU for life support and intensive care.

Sharath was kept on life support for two days. On the third day, i.e., December 26, he was declared braindead as per the hospital protocol stipulated by the Transplant of Human Organs Act 1994, by a panel of doctors at Apollo BGS Hospitals, which is a licensed centre for multi organ transplant. Sharath was healthy before the incident and further tests confirmed his eligibility for organ donation. His parents were counselled to consent for donation of their son's organs. Though they were in a state of shock, they readily came forward to donate their son's organs.

As per organ donation protocols, officials from Jeeva Sarthakathe, which was earlier known as ZCCK, initiated the process in accordance with the organ recipients waiting list. At around 5.10 pm, on December 27, Sharath's organs (heart, 2 kidneys, pancreas, liver, corneas) were harvested with cross clamp at Apollo BGS Hospitals.

Simultaneous kidney, pancreas and liver were transplanted (SKPT) in needy patients. One kidney was given to a patient at INU, Bengaluru, heart to a patient at Columbia Asia Hospital, Bengaluru, while corneas were donated to an eye bank in Mysuru.

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