How to take care of baby skincare needs?

How to take care of baby skincare needs?

The initial phase of taking care of infants is the most crucial and defining phase for parents, and they give their best to ensure that the baby is safe, secure and healthy.

The initial phase of taking care of infants is the most crucial and defining phase for parents, and they give their best to ensure that the baby is safe, secure and healthy.

Once the baby arrives at home, parents bring their pre-planned preparations and baby routine plans into action. One of the aspects of care needs is baby's skincare.

Since the skin of the new-borns is more delicate and sensitive, one needs to be extra careful in choosing the clothes, diapers, and other products. Let us look into some tips to ensure a healthy skincare routine for the new-borns.

Bathing and related products

Babies must be bathed as per the instructions of the doctor. Sometimes, doctors do not recommend everyday bath for infants, while some suggest a different routine depending on the baby's health and other aspects.

Whatever the case may be, one must use lukewarm water and gentle soap as well as shampoos. It is recommended to stay away from scented products and also avoid products with harsh chemicals.

Once the bathing is done, the parent must pat dry baby's skin with a soft cotton towel to prevent any skin rash or reaction. While doing so, it is recommended to turn off any fan or AC as it is necessary to keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Baby powder

Baby powder is a wonder product that enables parents to keep their infant's skin dry and avoid any skin irritation or diaper rash. Given the high demand for the product, the market is full of baby powder products.

As per a recent report by Technavio, the global baby powder market is expected to post a CAGR of over 5 per cent during the period 2019-2023, and the demand for natural baby powder will increase steeply.

Since the baby powder is a part of the traditional baby care routine, one must ensure that the powder to be used for baby must be made with natural ingredients and should be free from harmful materials such as Talc.

While buying the product, one must look for dusting powder and not "Talc". Similar to soap and shampoo, avoid selecting powder with a rich fragrance.

Baby wipes

While baby wipes are not seen as an important product by many, and some prefer using home-made reusable cloth wipes, it is time to re-look at baby wipes with a new perspective. Firstly, it may be economical to the use the home-made cloth wipes to keep skin cleanliness in check, but it is not as healthy as a baby wipe must be.

Unseen bacteria and fungus can grow over time, making it dangerous for both parents and infants, more dangerous for infants though. To aid the requirement, many baby wipe products are available in the commercial market.

While choosing one, parents must consider the material used by the company and select the product best suitable for baby's skin condition. For 0 per cent risk, parents can choose water-based baby wipes made with organic ingredients that are baby skin-friendly.

Nappies and diapers

Nappies or diapers are the products worn by babies for most hours of the day. To ensure proper usage parents must keep a constant check on babies and as soon as the nappy or diaper is used, it must be replaced with a fresh one; to avoid any irritation or infection that may occur on baby's skin.

Diapers are essential to keep the baby clean and fresh, but some diaper type may cause skin irritation. If parents find themselves in a situation like that ever, they must replace the product as soon as possible.

Yet again, to ensure the baby's health, it is best to use diapers made with organic or natural elements.

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