The Real Intention Behind The 'Janata Curfew'

Janata CurfewJanata Curfew

Janata Curfew: We Hans India request each and every citizen of India to stay at home and support the 'Janata Curfew' tomorrow.

We Hans India request each and every citizen of India to stay at home and support the 'Janata Curfew' tomorrow. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with a unique idea of making people stay at home at least for a day and this is all happening to make India free from the deadly Coronavirus.

The real reason behind this curfew is a good cause. Although a few countries like Italy and China have banned people from coming out of their houses, the Indian Government has not taken that drastic step.

But to make the virus get killed, the Government has come up with a unique idea. As Modi suggested to stay people at home from morning 7 AM tonight at 9 PM, we all need to respect his words.

As Coronavirus will be active only for a few hours on any object and place, if it is not touched, then it will automatically lose its power and die. Thus all the infected places will be seen vacant tomorrow to make this virus get killed by itself. This breaks the chain of the virus and stops spreading from one person to another. Although only 14 hours are restricted as it eventually becomes night and this makes people stay away from the virus for almost 24 hours.

There will be no new infected people in these 24 hours and as all the infected ones are quarantined, we can see a drastic change by Monday in India. Hope this curfew becomes a grand success…

Here is the table in which the accurate time of Virus is mentioned and we can clearly see how many hours' virus stays alive on an object… Have a look!

This step of Modi is applauded by many countries and we being responsible citizens will stay at home tomorrow. Even all the Government transport and shops will be closed except hospitals and basic grocery needs.

Here are a few more precautionary tips… Have a look!

  • • Always wear a mask if you are suffering from cold and cough.
  • • Step out wearing the mask if you are stepping out for your personal needs.
  • • Wash your hands frequently with a hand wash.
  • • Strictly don't touch your T-area on the face until and unless you are suffering from cold and cough.
  • • Carry a sanitizer with you if you need to step out.
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