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Deepanjali Kanoria - Founder & CEO of Heyday Care

Deepanjali Kanoria - Founder & CEO of Heyday Care 


India has been in the face of a personal hygiene crisis with basic hygiene essentials like sanitary pads and diapers not accessible to the majority of the population.

India has been in the face of a personal hygiene crisis with basic hygiene essentials like sanitary pads and diapers not accessible to the majority of the population. Even the privileged ones who are able to afford these products are unaware that their personal care products are composed of plastics, bleaches, polymers, perfumes, antibacterial agents and other toxins that can leave them susceptible to a host of problems harmful for their body like rashes, allergies, general skin sensitivity, infections and over prolonged use even cancer.

These synthetic products are also equally harmful to the environment as they take more than 500 years to degrade and hence contributed to acres of landfill dumps.

Taking upon the challenge to revolutionize the personal care industry, Heyday is an all natural personal care brand of organic sanitary napkins, baby diapers and panty liners. Made from pure organic plant-based fibres, Heyday sanitary napkins, panty liners, and baby diapers provides a comfortable journey of care compared to the conventional products in the marketplace that are laden with chemicals, plastics, bleaches, and perfumes that are extremely harmful for our bodies.

Heyday products are derived from corn and bamboo fibres and decompose within two years from disposal saving the Earth from acres of polluted landfills.

Speaking about her venture Deepanjali Founder, Heyday shared, "I was born and brought up in New Delhi, I attended two all women's institutions, Carmel Convent School in New Delhi and Barnard College of Columbia University in New York. I was always very sensitive towards the pains and glories that are associated with a woman's life from the very beginning."

Post graduation in 2014 Deepanjali rode the tide of getting a high paying corporate job as a financial analyst at Ernst and Young in Manhattan. As part of EY's business advisory team, she worked on several projects and honed her financial know-how and drawing insights into the need for strategic disruption in potential markets.

However, a huge part of her felt incomplete as she could not see any tangible difference she was making and was under-utilizing her full potential. A little over a year into her job, Deepanjali decided to return to India to commence my entrepreneurial journey with Heyday in order to make a difference to the world we live in. After a load of research and care Heyday was born in October 2017.

"Upon conducting research I found that the personal hygiene industry was highly monopolised and aching for innovation. I founded Heyday in October 2017 with the hope of revolutionizing the personal care industry with all natural and organic personal hygiene products. That's where all the magic began and it has been almost 3 years and there has been no looking back," she adds further.

"When my entrepreneurial drive kicked in, I took upon the challenge to solve a problem that eight out 10 people in a room suffered from and it still had no solution. From a young age, I would struggle with rashes and chafing during my periods and being a taboo topic, the need for an alternative was brushed away as unnecessary. The idea of finding sustainable solutions to everyday problems always fascinated me and being educated at all women's institutions, I was more inclined to helping women overcome problems they faced in their everyday lives through the means of innovation," said Deepanjali.

USP(S) of these sanitary pads and baby diapers

Sanitary pads and diapers are biodegradable and organic making personal care all natural, just as they ought to be. Made completely out of plant-based fibres of corn and bamboo that keeps carcinogenic chemicals away from the body ensuring a safe and comfortable experience with zero rashes, allergies, skin irritation, and sensitivity.

With no use of chemicals for the growth and processing of the raw material the products decompose within two years of its disposal.

Heyday is available through both online and offline marketplaces. one can purchase their products online on, Amazon, Nykaa, FirstCry, Paytm Mall and Flipkart among others. Offline products are available in retail stores like Spencer's, Guardian Pharmacy, Health & Glow, Modern Bazaar, Le Marche, etc. in over 200+ retail stores pan India.

Challenges faced to begin 'Heyday'

Heyday wasn't just an idea to enter the personal hygiene segment it was a revolutionizing solution to years of trauma they were putting to both our body and the environment by creating a new niche category.

"Our first and foremost challenge was to enter an established industry controlled by the commercial giants. The natural raw materials that Heyday uses are definitely more expensive to procure as compared to synthetic counterparts. Coming up with a new technology to manufacture plant fibres while ensuring optimum quality and features was a challenging process that took over two years to perfect," said Deepanjali

"Creating all natural baby diapers was a difficult task, as synthetic fibres have a high absorbing capacity as compared to natural fibres. There were challenges at every step right from the raw materials to launching the products in the market and creating customer awareness, but we overcame them one step at a time and were able to bring a safer, softer and healthier experience of intimate hygiene to end users," she adds further.

Story behind 'HeyDay'

Heyday means the period of a person's greatest success, popularity, activity, or vigour.

"We chose this name as we want people who are using our products to always feel at their prime as we delivered a supreme experience with our products, always. Women's equality for me means that women get equal opportunities and responsibilities as men would without a drop of prejudice or bias. We are building a woman-run business supported by men and women successfully, which means that it is very well possible for men to support women and vice versa. Equality is the only way economies can propel forward. My advice to all the women out there is to chase your dreams, without fear, without inhibition and without thinking that you cannot do it. Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself always, the journey to being successful is what makes you grow - so be curious, experiment, fail, fall - but remember to stand up and stand tall always.

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