Sarcasm: The Page We Know, The Story We Don't

Sarcasm: The Page We Know, The Story We Don

How often do we come across situations where a successful venture overshadows the hardships suffered by it...

How often do we come across situations where a successful venture overshadows the hardships suffered by it during the initiation of the whole adventure? It is a phenomenon that follows every inch of this world. Such was the case of Sarcasm, India's most liked and followed general page on Facebook that has made every Indian proud of its existence due to its sheer volume of fondness.

We all love to log in to Facebook and just keep browsing every one of Sarcasm's posts, don't we? However, how many of us actually know the inside story of how Sarcasm was initially published on Facebook? The answer is very few - which, dare I say, is going to change very soon.

Like many other successful ventures, Sarcasm was not planned; it was not meant to be a success. It was just an effort and a whole lot of determination of four Facebook friends which led to the success of Sarcasm. At a time where funny pictures were being circulated all around the world, who would have thought that a general page like Sarcasm would flourish? Many would have rubbed the idea off, thinking that since it is mainstream, no one will prioritise them. But Gaurav Shukla, Meet Luthraa, Rakesh Prasad and Aditya Saini at that moment thought: 'Who cares if it is mainstream? If that is what everyone loves then that is what we will do.' Their vision was simple: 'Make people laugh.' They achieved their aim, fulfilled their dreams and now sit behind sharing happiness all around the world with their Facebook asset.

Talking about the immense success of Sarcasm, Gaurav Shukla, one of the co-owners of Sarcasm, says: "Sarcasm was a combined effort, not only from us but also the audience who appreciated our hard work. This is a very lesser known fact that we initially published many pages before Sarcasm, but we failed short at everything. It was then we realised that true success is not thinking about complex ideas but instead opting for a simpler way. We created a new Facebook page named 'Sarcasm,' a simple name, a simple page, which only focuses on making people laugh and that was when we struck the gold mine."

On a social media platform where thousands of pages are created every day, Sarcasm, the DigiHood Media asset managed to leave a mark of its own and is well on its course on heading for global appraisal.

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