Suresh Nanda emphasises upon the need of joint effort to help the needy amid Covid-19 crisis

Suresh Nanda emphasises upon the need of joint effort to help the needy amid Covid-19 crisis
Claridges chairman Suresh Nanda

With lots of employees sacked amidst Covid-19 outbreak; here’s what Suresh Nanda has to say!

With lots of employees sacked amidst Covid-19 outbreak; here's what Suresh Nanda has to say!

With most of the countries falling in the unchartered waters of Covid-19 the long term effect of which is unfathomable, all we can do is take the necessary precautions and hope that the virus gets contained soon. Human race is locked in a battle against a virus that is over million times smaller than us causing much havoc across the globe. However, often overlooked is the damage that it will cause among the poor. In fact, the International Labour Organisation has estimated that Covid-19 will destroy up to 25 million jobs.

In a country like India, a teeming number of citizens live in poverty and for them, the outbreak has engendered a fear of starvation more than of getting infected by the virus. The situation has compelled many employees to go on unpaid leaves and add to that the daily-wage workers who have already been living hand-to-mouth.

"There are thousands of people facing an unprecedented financial crisis amid the outbreak," says Suresh Nanda, Claridges chairman when asked about the impact of the crisis on a common man. "It is important that we collectively take the onus of helping them in every little way that we can," he added. The hotelier expressed his concerns and sympathy towards the casual workers working in unorganised and informal sectors, the number of which stands in millions. Unlike the white-collar employees, for them, work from home is impossible thus making them reel under a health emergency as well as impoverishment.

Therefore, especially at times like today, a more humane entrepreneurial approach is the need of the hour – be it in supporting the employees or providing aid to the underserved communities. "At Claridges, we have maintained a culture of treating our employees like an extended family," Suresh Nanda said. Therefore, even at tough times like now, we are here to provide them the support that they need, he added.

Known for his unique entrepreneurial approach and more for his philanthropic deeds, the Claridges chairman has always stood by his employees during tough times. Earlier in 2019, he provided financial assistance to one of his employees who had been battling against cancer. She ultimately passed away however her husband Gopal Das later on gave special mention to the contributions made by the hotelier saying it was "the unwavering emotional, moral and financial support of peers, her boss Suresh Nanda, who kept her on the company pay roll even after she couldn't continue to work."

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