Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review & Rating

Young hero Raj Tarun wants to put an end to his failure streak and he comes up with the new movie Iddari Lokam Okate. Raj Tarun romances Shalini Pandey in the movie, directed by G Krishna Reddy of Aadu Magadra Bujji fame. Dil Raju produced the movie under Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. The producer is super positive about the film as he screened it already for selected audiences. The trailer revolved around both the hero and heroine alone. Mickey J Meyer scored the music and read on the review of the film here.


Mahi (Raj Tarun) and Varsha (Shalini Pandey) are two different kinds of people who have different ideologies. When Varsha is a struggling actress, who wants to become a heroine Mahi is a photographer. One day, he organizes a photography exhibition with so many photographs clicked by his father who is also a photographer. Varsha attends this exhibition and meets him. Their relationship soon turns into love. What will they do after realizing their feelings for each other? How destiny made them meet after a long time? What happens to their love story? forms the crux of the story.


Shalini Pandey is the show stealer for this movie. The actress got a challenging role in this movie when compared to the previous films Arjun Reddy and 118. But the actress has pulled it off with so much of ease and elegance. Her beautiful screen presence made the movie even more interesting. Raj Tarun also acted really well in the film. He has carried the entire movie on his shoulders with his performance and we can say that he has done a hundred percent justice to his role. The rest of the actors also deliver decent performances in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Director GR Krishna's narration is not impressive. The director has failed to engage the audience with his screenplay. Especially, in the second half, the director focused more on the emotional angle and the lack of entertainment might irk some sections of the audience. Production values by Shirish under Sri Venkateswara Creations banner are rich and lavish. Music by Mickey J Meyer is superb. Though a couple of songs are just average, his background score is like an icing on the cake. Cinematographer Sameer Reddy has produced some beautiful and bright visuals for the movie. Editing by Thammi Raju is decent.


The movie starts off well with a decent introduction to both the leads. Surprisingly, the pace is very slow and the narration fails to impress. The director focused on imparting the emotional moments to the story but failed to shape it well. The first half is very plane and when we expect it to take pace, it only moves on slowly giving a lot of boring moments to the audiences. Except for the performances, background score and climax sequence, the film has nothing great to offer the audiences. On the whole, the film Iddari Lokam Okate is a boring love drama.

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