James Movie Review: Action-packed entertainer

Puneeth Raj Kumar was one of the top stars in Kannada film industry. Sadly, he passed away recently shocking everyone. His last film, “James” has hit the screens. Let’s see how fares at the box-office.


The city of Bangalore is filled with the underworld mafia and is divided between two groups. Vijay Gaekwad(Srikanth) is one of the heads and he has a life scare. So, he appoints Santosh (Puneeth Rajkumar) as his security. But in a tragic turnaround of events, Santosh kidnaps Vijay Gaekwad and his sister (Priya Anand) and reveals himself as James. Who is this James? What connection does he have with the underworld? Why did he kidnap Vijay Gaekwad and his sister? What is his backstory plots the remaining part of the story.


Being the last film of late Puneeth Rajkumar, his fans will be happy seeing him on screen in an action entertainer. Puneeth takes the film on his shoulder. He made the action blocks more interesting. The background score given by Charan Raj is at top notch. It elevates every scene. The second half is decent and has good emotions. The presence of stars like Shivraj Kumar in a cameo gives a high for the fans.

Story-wise, there is nothing much the film has to offer. The interval bang is good but the rest of the screenplay is dull. Also, the flashback episode is dragged for no reason. The film is also lengthy and many scenes are added just for the sake of it. On the whole, ‘James’ is a fitting tribute to the late Puneeth Raj Kumar. He is in top form and gives his fans a thrilling ride.


The late Puneeth Rajkumar is fit as a fiddle and does his action blocks superbly. His slow-motion shots, stunts, and screen presence are major highlights of the film. Puneeth looks superb in the army uniform and it is hard to believe that he is not anymore with us. Srikanth gets a meaty role and he is superb in his character. Priya Anand does not have much to do. Sarath Kumar and the supporting cast who play the main villains are very good in their respective roles.


Director Chetan Kumar has done a passable job with the film. Though he chooses a routine story, he packed it with good mass elements and showcased Puneeth Raj Kumar in the best way possible. If he would have made the film a bit crisper, things would have been even better. Music by Charan Raj is very good but his BGM was even more effective. The production values are top-notch and the rich visuals impress. The action part needs a special mention as all the fights are done superbly. Editing is just about okay.


Puneeth Rajkumar performance

Production values

Background score



Routine story line