Krishna and his Leela Movie Review & Rating {2.25/5}


Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalgadda) and Satya (Shraddha Srikanth) go for a break-up as Satya insists on not continuing the relationship with her finding a new job in Bangalore. He meets Radha (Shalini) and he doesn't break up like Satya after he gets job in the same city. But Satya and Krishna try to maintain a friendship which results in further complications for Radha's relationship with Krishna. Watch the movie to know what role does Ruksaar (Seerat Kapoor) as to play in the story.


Siddhu Jonnalagadda tried his best to find the rhythm to play the character, but he is highly inconsistent. His writing seems to have weighed him down as an actor. Seerat Kapoor seems to have no real role to add anything.

Shalini has a good screen-presence but her performance is not as diligent as the script demands it to be. Shraddha Srinath delivers a very honest performance even though the writing doesn't help her much.


Music by Sri Charan Pakala is good and Cinematography is apt for the film. Editing is pacy but the film still feels too slow due to the script. Writing by Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Ravikanth Perepu after the start of the film fizzles and nosedives into a screenplay that just goes nowhere. With a story idea that could have been an emotional tale of a man who finds himself and his real "love", movie just meanders around the same point again & again. Such writing hurts it more than the execution which is fine enough.


Krishna and his Leela as a film could've worked better had the script did not deviate into different directions just for the sake of the characters looking cool, even in emotional situations. The casual approach towards some scenes fail to establish the emotions well enough. Siddhu being the writer and also the lead actor, he seems to have taken the liberty to craft the characters and tell their story in his own way. Ravikanth Perepu, his co-writer and director fails to understand the importance of few big moments too. Hence, movie fails to have any emotional connect with the audiences.