Laxmii Movie Review: Fails To Impress The Audience With Lack Of Originality

Laxmii Movie Review: Laxmii story is not a new plot to the audience as Lawrance has already introduced it in Kollywood and Tollywood and the movie also gained tremendous love from the audience for its engaging and entertaining content. So, most of the audience had some basic knowledge about the plot. But as Akshay Kumar essayed the role of 'Transgender' first time in his career for this remake, the expectations reached a notch higher. Even the trailer and video songs also made us to eagerly await for the movie. But, unfortunately, the 'Laxmii' flick failed to grab the attention of the audience with its weak plot.


The first half is totally filled with comedy scenes… Akshay Kumar and Kiara Ali Advani fill the screen with their awesome chemistry and also tickle our ribs with the perfect comedy timing. Except for a few horror elements, the first half goes smoothly with the love story of both lead actors. Rashmi (Kiara) gets hitched with Asif (Akshay) who is a Muslim. It's quite natural that, the families don't accept their love and thus they stay away. But after a while, the couple reach Rashmi's house to seek forgiveness on the occasion of Rashmi's parents 25th anniversary. Well, the plot takes a turn when the couple enters the house. Asif's body is occupied by an evil spirit which was buried near an empty ground beside Rashmi's house.

From here, the audience gets to experience the spookiness and haunted scenes… Well, why did the evil spirit enter Asif body and what is the motive behind this step will be known after watching the movie. Akshay will take the movie to the next level with his haunted expressions and transgender character. Although the movie failed to entertain the audience, Akshay's character will be remembered. Sharad Kelkar's character comes up with a surprise and he engages the audience with his ace performance. But Kiara didn't get that much scope as she was confined to songs and a few horror and comedy scenes being the wife of Akshay Kumar.

Speaking about the dialogues, Farhad Samji came up with a few punch lines and made elevated Akshay's character. Even the songs like "Burj Khalifa…" and "Bam Bholle…" were worth a watch.

Conclusion: Laxmii couldn't repeat the magic same like 'Kanchana' as it lacked the proper screenplay and originality in the plot.