Maestro Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

Maestro Movie Review: After Check and Rang De, hero Nithiin came up with his third release of the year, Maestro. This official remake of Andhadhun has opted for a direct digital release on Disney+Hotstar. The movie has premiered today and here is the review of it.


Arun (Nithiin) is a happy-go-lucky youngster, who is a pianist by profession. He falls for Sophie (Nabha Natesh) who is a restauranteur. Soon, Arun gets employed as a pianist in Sophie's restaurant. Veteran actor Mohan (Naresh) is a frequent visitor of Sophie's restaurant. Impressed by Arun's skills, Mohan asks him to perform privately at his house for him and his wife Simran (Tamannaah). Arun agrees to do so and visits Mohan's house. But he doesn't find Mohan and is greeted by Simran. What happened to Mohan? How this visit changed Arun's life? What did Simran do to Arun? These factors form the main crux of the movie.


Nithiin looked suave and did his job well as a blind man. He took Ayushmann's character from the original only as a reference and gave his own touch to it. His comedy timing and maturity in performing intense scenes brought depth to his character.

Tamannaah is another show stopper of the show. She did very well. No star actress chooses such roles but Tamannaah did it and justified the character. However, she couldn't match the supremacy of Tabu from the original. Nabha Natesh looked cute but her character has not been sketched properly. Radhika Apte's character in the original adds depth to the story but somehow, Nabha's role doesn't do it here. Rest others like Naresh, Jisshu Sengupta, Sree Mukhi and Mangli have performed as per the requirements.

Technical Aspects:

Director Merlapaka Gandhi decided not to spoil the remake. The safest game is to stay true to the original and he did the same. In fact, almost all the scenes are carbon copies of the original version. Only a few scenes in the first half have been added by the Telugu makers. Gandhi should be appreciated for not spoiling it and trying to bring out authenticity with a good choice of casting.

The cinematography by Yuvaraj is spectacular. Each and every frame looks beautiful on the screen. Music by Mahati Swara Sagar is good. Though the songs are not up to the mark, the background score is excellent. The production values brought a rich feel to the movie.


Maestro is a dark comedy thriller that keeps the audience on a roller-coaster ride throughout the runtime. This genre is not so common in Telugu cinema. The makers tried to bring it to the Telugu audiences. They made sure not to lose the flavour of Andhadhun and stayed faithful to it. The first half takes time to settle characters and the second half is full of twists and turns.

People who have watched the original version may not find Maestro very interesting but for those who haven't watched Andhadhun, this film will be a good watch for sure.