Mallesham Movie Review & Rating

Suresh Productions are backing yet another small budgeted flick and this time it is the biopic of a Telugu personality Chintikindi Malleshan. Titled Mallesham, the film tells the story of Chintikind Mallesham who battled through all the odds in inventing the machine that helps the weavers to overcome the odds in weaving sarees. Priydarshi played the lead role in the movie while a lot of new actors made their debut The review of the film is here. Check it out.


Mallesham narrates the tale of Mallesham's (Priyadarshi) struggle behind inventing the new machine for weavers that can revolutionalize the entire process of weaving.


Every actor in the film was brilliant without exception, and this is something fantastic to achieve. The director of acting did his job well in bringing out some best performances. Along with new faces, the film also features some experienced actors like Jhansi. Priyadarshi led this impeccable cast and he delivered an outstanding performance. Priyadarshi is an absolute gem in the movie. The girl who plays his wife, Ananya Nagalla, a new actor, is so wonderfully real in her performance. From the amazing bunch of kids in the film to the sassy Gangavva who will have you in splits. Every single actor in the movie made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The director is half successful when he picked the right cast for the movie. The way the director executed the film in entire Telangana slang is amazing. The camera work in the movie is amazing. The environment and surroundings in a village are showcased beautifully in the movie. The music is excellent and the background score is heart-touching too. Mark K Robin did a good job with the music. The editing is good. The artwork is nice and the production design is good.


While watching the movie, one will certainly not feel that they are actually watching the film. The way the film was made gives us the impression that we are a part of someone's life being depicted on the screen. Mallesham is one of the greatest tributes to the Telangana culture and ethos in recent times and above all, it is also a tribute to the triumph of the human spirit. One thing is sure that this movie will linger on our mind for a long time after we see it. Mallesham is one of the great cinema of our times. Catch it in the theatres from 21st of this month.

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