Movie Review: DJ Tillu’s speaker sounds well

Young actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda has gained success and popularity with youthful dramas like “Krishna and His Leela”. He has successfully created hype around his latest film, “DJ Tillu.” The film was released in theatres. Let’s check out how it flares in the box-office.


Bala Gangadhara Tilak aka DJ Tillu is a DJ in Hyderabad. He meets a beautiful Radhika (Neha Shetty) at a club. Within minutes, his heart melts and she takes him to her home. What DJ doesn’t know is that she has a boyfriend, she accidentally kills him and she seeks DJ’s help in burying the dead body. A detective blackmailing Tillu and Radhika sparks the rest of the film.


“DJ Tillu” is the latest Telugu crime comedy that completely puts focus on fun and humorous dialogues rather than the story or logic. As such fun films have tasted success, writer-actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda has presented another one packing in his funky manner. The film begins humorously. From the hero's appearance itself, sets the mood, and establishes the fact that it offers fun content, not a plot-driven movie. The first half is highly entertaining as Siddhu takes the charge from the first scene and delivers humorous dialogues in a Telangana accent. Even when the murder takes place, he comes up with comedy lines.

Whatever we have seen in the trailer happens in the first half itself, the love track between hero and heroine, murder and blackmail. But Siddhu with his acting and director Vimal Krishna with his narrative keeps us entertained.

Even in the second half, it offers some fun, but there is no story further to prolong it. The final act is completely a mess. The film ends abruptly as well, giving a hint of a sequel. We don’t get to know Neha Shetty’s real intentions. Is she really a cheat or a victim of circumstances? The lack of clarity about her characterization and the unclear ending have made the film not get its due fully.

As we have seen in recent films like “Jathi Ratnalu '' and others, there is no logic to any of the situations. The court drama is an example. From judge to accused, everyone makes a mockery of proceedings. The hospital scenes are confused. But these issues don’t matter when the film aims to provide just entertainment but nothing else. ‘DJ Tillu’ is a fun film that capitalizes on Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s wacky style. If you excuse uneven final moments, it makes a funny watch for the youth audience.

Artistes’ performances

Siddhu Jonnalagadda has transformed completely to play this fun character. He owns it, from body language to attitude and the lingo. He dominates the film as an actor and dialogue writer. Neha Shetty looks beautiful and plays her part convincingly. Prince has played a cameo. The actor who plays Siddhu’s father leaves an impression. Narra Srinu, Brahmaji, and others do their parts.

Technical excellence

Vimal tried to keep the audience to sit with his narration. Thaman’s background score is an asset. He keeps the tempo with his techno sounding. The songs are neat. The cinematography is adequate. Dialogue writing is a huge plus for this romantic crime thriller.