Movie Review: Orlando Bloom's Retaliation Touches Where It Hurts The Most

Retaliation Movie Review: Orlando Bloom’s latest outing, ‘Retaliation’ finally released on the OTT platform. Directed by Ludwig and Paul Shammasian, this movie is available to watch on Zee plex. Dealing with a sensitive topic, this movie still manages to deliver perfectly.

Retaliation released under the title ‘Romans’ in 2017 in Russia. Bloom plays the character of Malky, a working-class man. A childhood incident becomes a lifelong trauma. The movie's setting is serious and dramatic. Malky’s childhood trauma is back to haunt him.

Having been sexually abused by a priest during his childhood days, Malky struggles to adjust to the normal world. He grows hate-rate towards churches and one day even goes to burn down the religious place where the abuse took place. This is where his self-destructive journey begins. He starts acting differently. Malky’s behaviour leaves everyone in his life to retaliate against him.

He becomes so lost and destructive that even his family and friends cannot stand being next to him. As an audience you feel his pain, you empathize with him and at points even believe that what he is doing is absolutely justified.

Malky is a complex and tricky character, but never will you see Bloom fumbling. He blends into the role so well that it will be impossible to tell apart Bloom from an actor and a character. A movie like ‘Retaliation’ demands you to feel the pain of the character. Only when you believe in the story and the struggles of the character, will you be able to play it perfectly. As an audience, these are exactly the emotions that you feel.

Retaliation will leave you feeling an array of emotions, going from feeling anger over what happened with Malky to emphasizing with him and to concern for the man as he unknowingly embarks on a self-destructive journey.

While the story itself of the movie is very powerful and deals with a sensitive topic, it never takes it lightly. The directors ensure what they cannot address directly is portrayed through powerful cinematography and scenes. There are a couple scenes that add to the cinematic prowess of the movie and elevate it to another echelon.

Not just Orlando Bloom, but the supporting cast has to be appreciated here as well. Janet Montgomery, Charlie Creed-Miles, Anne Reid and Josh Myers and Orlando Bloom come together to form the strong cast of 'Retaliation'.

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