Nishabdham Movie Review & Rating {2.75/5}

Nishabdham Movie Review: Anushka Shetty who has been away from movies for the past few months finally marked her come back with a much-awaited suspense thriller, 'Nishabdam'. Directed by Hemanth Madhukar, Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Michael Madsen, Subbaraju, etc played crucial roles in this movie. The expectations have been sky high in this movie. Ending the long wait, the film has finally hit the digital platforms today. 'Nishabdham' is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and here is the review of the film.


The movie revolves around a haunted house in Seattle. Back in 1970, a couple died in mysterious circumstances. Now, Sakshi (Anushka) and Antony (Madhavan) come there but face some mysterious incidents. The story takes a twist when Antony gets killed and Sakshi escaped from there. Maha (Anjali) and Richard (Michael Madsen) are now in charge of this case. Can they find out who killed Anthony and what is his relationship with Sakshi forms the rest of the story?


Anushka is undoubtedly one of the biggest plus points for the film. The actress proved that she can pull off any kind of role and delivered her best performance in this movie. Madhavan is truly an asset to the film. His outstanding performance brought more depth to the film. Subbaraju got quite an impressive role in the film and he pulled it off really well. Anjali did her part in a decent way. Michael Madsen is also good in the film and has delivered a decent performance. Shalini Pandey also marked her presence in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Production values are top-notch. Cinematography by Shaneil Deo became one of the biggest plus points for this film. The camera work added more beauty to the movie. Music by Girishh G and Gopi Sundar is outstanding. Also, the BGM is really good. Editing by Prawin Pudi could have been better. Director Hemanth Madhukar came up with a really good idea but failed to engage the audience throughout the movie. Though the director has succeeded in executing the twist factor, he failed to carry out the same suspense till the end. The movie became too predictable in the climax.


The climax became one of the biggest minus points in the movie. After a huge revelation, the movie became highly predictable and the story will lose its pace. The story becomes very predictable. The performances and the twists are the biggest plus points for the film. Despite the solid performances by the cast, there is something missing in the film. The predictable story and the slow-paced screenplay will irk the audience. Overall, 'Nishabdham' is a one-time watch movie only because of the spectacular performances by the core cast.