Pakka Commercial: Pakka Mass Masala Entertainer

All the movies which were stopped due to covid started coming to the theatres recently. Some movies entertained the audience, and some movies disappointed. Maruti who is care of adress for comercial comedy entertainers helmed "Pakka Commercial". Starring Gopi Chand and Rashi Khanna as the hero and heroine, the film was co-produced by Geeta Arts and UV Creations. Now let's see how much this movie has impressed the fans.


Lucky (Gopichand), a commercial lawyer who strongly believes that there should be some benefit for himself to defend a case, actress Jhanshi (Rashikhanna), who has achieved immense fame by acting in a TV serial. Jhansi files a complaint in the police station for killing her character in the serial, and her case goes to court. What justice did the court do to his case?

What is the relationship between Gopi Chand and Raashi Khanna? What is the role of Lucky Father Suryanarayana (Sathyaraj)? What is his back story? What is the conflict between Vivek (Rao Ramesh) and Suryanarayana? To know, you have to watch this movie.


Maruti, who was taken into the story within a few moments of the start of the movie, he made the audience laugh throughout the movie.

The film perfectly showcased Gopichand's mass and class elements in the film. Gopi Chand's timing, dialogues, and fights are all worked out too good. Gopichand is impressive not only in entertaining scenes but also in emotional scenes. Raashi Khanna's performance as Jhansi is also a major highlight of this movie. Above all, Rao Ramesh's character is unique and extraordinary. He is the biggest plus for the script. He entertained the audience with his timing and voice modulation.

Actors like Ajay Ghosh and Praveen did justice to their roles within their means. Jakes Beejoy music is a big plus for this movie. The camera performance is good, and Gopichand is shown as very stylish. Maker didn't compromise on production values, which is evident in the film's output.

In total:

Maruti found out Gopichandh's timing perfectly and executed a great script. It has been very long since we have witnessed Gopichandh's grace on screen. Now, Maruti brought him back in style.