Pelli SandaD Movie Review & Rating {2.25/5}

Srikanth's son Rosshan came up with the latest outing Pelli SandaD. The film draws its title from Srikanth's blockbuster film of the same name. Pelli SandaD is directed by Gowri Ronanki and features Sree Leela as the female lead. It had hit the screens today. Check out the review here:


Vashista (Rosshan) wants to love a girl and marry her. He finds his soulmate in the form of Sahasra (Sree Leela) when he visits his brother's marriage. Vashista then tries to woo Sahasra. Eventually, the latter falls for him. But their love story doesn't succeed in a smooth way. The obstacles they faced and how they overcame those hurdles form the major crux of the movie.


Rosshan looks handsome on screen. He has all the qualities of a good-looking hero. He dances very well and also emoted well in a few scenes. There is a long career for him in the industry.

Young actress Sree Leela looked absolutely gorgeous on screen. He also acts well. We may see her grabbing some big offers in the coming days. Her chemistry with Rosshan worked well on the screen. Rest others like Prakash Raj, Tanikella Bharani, Raghu Babu and Rao Ramesh have performed well. Raghavendra Rao's character is a surprise package. He looks cute on screen.

Technical Aspects

Both the story and screenplay of Gowri Ronanki are outdated. The film doesn't have any fresh elements that can appeal to modern audiences. Right from the first to the last scene, everything seems to be forced in the film.

However, the cinematography and music are two saving graces of this movie. The visuals look grand and the songs are pictured beautifully. MM Keeravani's music and the background score are good too. The production design and production values are rich. The editing is sluggish.


We have seen many films like Pelli SandaD in the past. The movie should have been made in the 90s because it has no connection to the sensibilities of the present generation audiences. The first half is at least bearable with a few comical sequences. The second half is very slow and predictable. None of the scenes looks fresh. The chemistry between the lead pair looks good on-screen but they had badly-written scenes to perform. On the whole, Pelli SandaD neither has a fresh story nor has an engaging narration. It turns out to be boring as well as mediocre.