Pichhodu Movie Review & Rating

In Recent days movie PICHHODU created a good buzz with it’s creative name and story. “Soulmate is not anymore a superstition it is a science” !! This dialogue in trailer made everyone to think. So did director proved about soulmate mystery? Is the rest movie…

Story: Rishi (Hero) who lost his mother during his childhood due to his parents were not soulmates, mother lost her life by suicide. And the words of his grandparents rishi strongly believed about soulmates. And he started in search of his soulmate where his life should not be like his parents when he reached his teenage years. Did rishi succeed in this regard or not? and rest is movie …

Synopsis: Director he already succeeded by choosing a different concept and story which made him to reach success where he did a lot of research about soulmates and we can see his sincere efforts in movie. We can feel his honesty thoughts about soulmates it can be believable. In recent days we can proudly say in this genre this storyline would be the great one. By heartily we can say industry got a good director. Even though the casting was new to industry they performed well. Entertaining wise there are two songs which are more melodious and especially ‘ Nuvvey Nuvvey’ song will be memorable forever.And one more main part is Rerecording of this movie. Best at their production values and climax will be remarkable.

Verdict: At last “Pichhodu” movie came up with unusual good romantic story with great screen-play and shown much reality about soulmates was best part of movie. Everyone will be in search of their soulmates after watching this movie. “Andaru rushulu bakthilo rushuluavuthe ee rishi premalo rushi ayyadu” This dialogue represent depth of the movie. This ‘Pichhodu’ will haunt you.one time watch film.Dont miss it.

Disclaimer: This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review.  Watch Movie in Theatre