Pitta Kathalu Movie Review & Rating {2.5/5}

Pitta Kathalu Movie Review & Rating: Netflix has released the first-ever anthology film in Telugu titled Pitta Kathalu. Filmmakers Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam, Nandini Reddy, Nag Ashwin, and Sankalp Reddy directed the project. There are four episodes in this anthology film. The following is the review of the same.

Ramula - Film by Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam

Ramula tells the story of a couple in a village whose love falls in a dilemma because of their ego clashes. At this point in time, a politician enters their life and it changes their lives upside down. Lakshmi Manchu, Naveen Bethiganti, and Saanvee Megghhana played the lead roles. The film is perfectly packed with all emotions. There is humor, love, emotion, heartbreak, and everything that can keep the viewers engaged. Tharun Bhascker knows the right pulse of the audiences in the limited time format and he aced this with his strong story-telling skills. Ramula leaves us with a positive impression and hits the right chord.

Meera - By Nandini Reddy

Meera is the story of love again but there are insecurity and suspicion involved in this. When his wife who is a novelist pen down something interesting, the husband gets suspicious thinking that there must be another man in her life. The doubt absolutely creates unnecessary trauma and tensions in a relationship. The drama around it has been portrayed so well by Nandini Reddy. As someone who can deal with dramas so nicely, she has given her best in the movie. Meera is an honest attempt at relationships and insecurities. Amala Paul, Ashwin Kakamanu, Jagapathi Babu, Vamsee Chaganti, and Sunaina did their roles well. This part also leaves us with the content of watching a good film.

X Life - By Nag Ashwin

Nag Ashwin has disappointed with his tale of love. By mixing virtual reality, technology elements in love, the director wanted to showcase something interesting but it got backfired. Nag Ashwin could not be able to judge where to begin and where to end his story. The limited format cannot test the audiences patience when the story has to be completed in less duration. With too much detailing, the film gets side-tracked in dealing with the love journey of the woman. Shruti Haasan and Sanjith Hegde played the lead in this story. They share good chemistry but everything about this one is artificial and it hardly made any attempt to impress.

Pinky - By Sankalp Reddy

Pinky is another interesting tale when we look at it on the outer level. Interpersonal conflicts and the way of dealing with the past and present things has been the element of the story for this part. Sankalp Reddy failed in dealing with the emotions properly. We never feel a connection with the characters he wrote. The actors did play their part well but the film gets lost in finding a balance between each other characters in the limited time format. On the whole, the tale does not convey what it tries to. Satyadev, Eesha Rebba, and others are a part of this story which falls short of the expectations.

Technical Aspects:

From camera work to the background score, and from the artwork to the production values, everything about this Netflix anthology is brilliant.

Final verdict:

While Tharun Bhascker and Nandini Reddy live up to the expectations, Sankalp and Nag Ashwin failed to impress. Pitta Kathalu is partially engaging and partially disappointing.