Ramarjuna Movie Review: Turns out to be a mass entertainer

Actor Aniissh Tejeshwar’s directorial debut ‘Ramarjuna’ turns out be a mass entertainer. The film has raised several expectations for two reasons: It is the first big-budget film to be released in theatres in the new year and it happens to be the directorial debut of Aniissh. Though it speaks quite well of his directorial skills, he could have worked more on the story line and presentation. Aniissh Tejeshwar's effort at portraying himself as mass hero has worked well.

‘Ramarjuna’ opens with a fight scene setting the tone for the rest of the film. Ram, the protagonist, played by Aniissh himself, lives in a slum and works as an insurance agent. He's the local hero as he is very caring about the well-being of his fellow slum residents. He organises health camps and takes to violent methods when confronts problems. During his routine visits as insurance agent, he meets Kushi (Nishvika Naidu), a Law student and a pet lover. The films treats the audience to dollops of Ram-Kushi romance, some emotional scenes involving Peter (Rangayana Raghu), a neighbour of Ram, who is in search of his daughter, and activities of mafia in the first half. What happens when the slum and the residents' lives are at risk will form the second half and crux of ‘Ramarjuna’.

With love-action-drama, ‘Ramarjuna’ looks simple as the old-fashioned tale. The script has missed out on comic moments as artists like Appanna and Lag Manja are relegated to the background. Apart from the lead actors, Harish Raj plays Hariprasada, a medical doctor, providing a surprising twist in the climax.

Ramarjuna could have been a little more fun-filled. Overall, the approach to the subject is very casual. The film lacks sensitive touch and loses entertaining element as the director has followed the same old mass formula. There are some unnecessary scenes marring the seamless flow of the narration. Overall, Aniissh and Nishvika Naidu have done a reasonably good job and cinematography by Naveen Kumar stands out. Harish Raj with fluidity of his performance displays every shade of his character, while Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Kale, Sharath Lohitashwa have given their best as ever.  

Written by Nischith N