RDX Love Movie Review & Rating {1.5/5}

RDX Love Movie Review & Rating {1.5/5}
Director: Shankar Bhanu
Produced By: Kalyan C
Music By: Radhan

RDX Love is the new movie in the theatres. Payal Rajput and Tejus Kancherla played the leads in the film. A new director is making his debut with the movie. Read on to know the film's review.


Alivelu (Payal Rajput) tries to create awareness and promote some government schemes in a small village. Her goal is to meet the Chief Minister of the state. For this, she uses the hero (Tejus Kancherla) and tries to get an appointment to meet the CM. Who is Alivelu? Why does she want to have an appointment with the Chief Minister? What is the relationship between the hero and CM? Did she succeed in reaching her goal? Forms the rest of the story.


Tejus Kancherla's energetic performance became the biggest plus point for this movie. The actor has portrayed his role with so much energy. Be it his dialogue delivery or expressions, Tejus has performed really well in the movie. Payal Rajput is truly an asset to this film. Not only in the glamorous sequences, but Payal Rajput has also surprised the audience with her outstanding acting skills in action sequences too. Naresh acted naturally in the movie. Both Aditya Menon and Nagineedu have delivered their best performances and Tulasi breathes life into her character. Aamani also blended well with the character. Mumaith Khan is good in her role and Vidyullekha Raman's comedy will make the audience. The rest of the actors also did their best.

Technical Aspects:

Director Shankar Bhanu has taken an interesting storyline for the movie and tried to lace it up with so many commercial elements but failed to narrate it well. His pace of narration keeps on fluctuation and instead of presenting the main story, he tried to highlight the other unnecessary elements in the movie. Only a few comedy scenes are actually funny. The movie suffered from his lack of proper execution. Production values by Happy Movies Banner is rich. Music by Radhan is just average. Though his BGM is good, most of his songs are not that engaging. Cinematographer C Ramprasad has done a brilliant job in producing good camera angles and beautiful visuals. Editing by Prawin Pudi is neat.


Despite having a strong message, the director failed to narrate it in an impactful way. Except for some commercial elements which actually disturb the development of the storyline, nothing in the movie makes sense. The entire first half just focuses only on the comedy and entertainment elements and some hot romantic scenes between the leads. The interval block is also boring. The director has failed to engage the audience with his narration. Especially, in the second half, some of the scenes are really draggy and the story becomes extremely predictable which will become the biggest setback of the film. But, the last 20 minutes of the film is really good. Powerful performances, BGM, and romantic scenes can be the driving factors of this flick. On the whole, 'RDX Love' is a poorly dealt story and can be skipped.