Review: Mafia On Zee5 Is A Thrill Ride Worth Taking

Mafia on Zee5 is the latest web series to hit the OTT platform. The series is being much talked about these days. Mafia is an eight-part series on Zee 5 released in Hindi, Bangla, Tamil and Telugu. Starring Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Ishaa M Saha, Anindita Bose, Aditya Bakshi, Madhurima Roy, Ridhima Ghosh Mafia is directed by Birsa Dasgupta and bankrolled by Eskay Movies. But, is it worth watching? You will soon find out.

So, what's this latest web series Mafia on Zee5 all about? Does it have an underworld connection? Well, no. This is not what you are thinking.

Tanya (Madhurima Roy) is getting hitched to her boyfriend Kunal (Sayan Banerjee) but before that she wants to have the time of her life so she decides to have a grand bachelorette party at an old guest house in the remote jungles of Jharkhand (Madhapur). She specifically chooses this place as it holds nostalgic memories not only for her but also her college mates. The party reunites six friends from college five long years after they parted ways to go on with their lives. But not everybody is excited about visiting the guest house, the venue of Tanya-Kunal's bachelorette party. Every person has his own memory, secrets and experiences associated with the place. It is during the reunion that skeletons start tumbling out.

To normalise the relationships between them, the friends play a game 'Mafia'. But what happens because of the game is to be watched on the screen as I do not want to reveal any suspense.

Mafia web series on Zee5 Review: So, what's the best thing about this? The first thing that strikes you is the way the director has treated the subject. We have watched several horror movies comprising short stories. But Mafia is different in the sense that Birsa Dasgupta has adopted a no-nonsense approach to deal with the subject. He wins half the battle with his choice of characters. The narrative is impressive and the BGM makes the plot and building up of characters all the more effective. Most importantly, the actual mystery is kept tightly wrapped till the end making the narrative all the more intriguing.

Verdict: Mafia on Zee 5 is different from the rest and has something new to offer in terms of the way the script has been handled. A thrill ride worth taking. Go watch it.