Tholubommalata Movie Review & Rating

Rajendra Prasad showed that he can carry a well-written script on his able shoulders still, with films like Aa Naluguru. While he showed the tendency to go a bit overboard in several films trying to compensate for the lack of a healthy script, what does his new release offer us new? Tholubommalata released on 22nd November and let's discuss the movie merits and de-merits.

Rajendra Prasad is the biggest plus for the film. Yet again he proves that he can act in any scene and even in those that he pulled off earlier in new style too. He keeps the proceedings lively and never tries to let the movie lose its grip when he is on screen. Vishwanth and Harshitha could have done much better as director based a romantic thread on them to sustain interest. Devi Prasad and Narra are just fine. Vennela Kishore and RP have a good comic timing as a pair and we hope to see more of them.

The story is very simple. Children of a wealthy villager Somaraju (Rajendra Prasad) known as Sodala Raju leave him to his fate in his old age and they return only when their children fall in love. The young couple ask Somaraju for help and he says that he will write his flourishing properties in the name of the couple for parents to agree. Unfortunately, he dies unable to see the marriage and according to his original will, the properties by law go to his workers and domestic help. Now, his son dismisses doing any kind of 'Karmakanda' that sends his ghost to heavens. So, Somaraju takes the help of a person (Vennela Kishore), who can speak to ghosts. What happens next? Watch on screen

The movie de-tracks from the main story several times with leisurely paced scenes which go on and on making us wish for a trimmed version. But the major scenes that involve Rajendra Prasad and Vennela Kishore are a treat to watch. Here director used all his best punches and good comic sense to make use of two veterans in comedy. This is the major highlight of the film.

Had the director stayed away from Aa Naluguru influence and did not try to break the fourth wall too often, the movie could have been narrated with simple straight forward honesty. Still, comedy and performances by Vennela Kishore, Rajendra Prasad make the film a good watch for the weekend. Even the social message too doesn't come across too forced in to the script and that is commendable.

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