Tuck Jagadish Movie Review & Rating

Natural Star Nani skipped the theatrical release twice in a row in the last 12 months. Both his last film V and latest movie Tuck Jagadish have opted for a direct digital release on Amazon Prime Video. Tuck Jagadish premiered on the eve of Vinayaka Chavithi and here is the review of it.


Adiseshula Naidu (Nasser) and Veerendra Naidu (Daniel Balaji) are the two big-wigs of Bhudevipuram. While the former strives for the welfare of the people, the latter feeds on their hard work. Bose (Jagapathi Babu) and Tuck Jagadish (Nani) are two of the five children of Adiseshula Naidu. While Bose stays with his father in the village, Jagadish stays in town away from the family. In the course of time, Jagadish falls in love with VRO Gummadi Varalaxmi (Ritu Varma). The proceedings take a turn when Adiseshula Naidu passes away. All of a sudden, his family experiences disturbances. Even villagers are tortured by Veerendra. How Tuck managed to solve these issues forms the main plot.


Once again, Nani proves why he is called one of the most talented actors of Telugu cinema. Though he has done very few mass roles in his career, Nani carried this entire film on his shoulders. He stepped into the shoes of Jagadish so well that you cannot imagine any other actor in the role. Ritu Varma looks pretty and gives a nuanced performance. Aishwarya Rajesh got a key role and she does it well. Jagapathi Babu is at his usual best. Daniel Balaji and Thiruveer excelled in their respective negative roles. Rest others have performed according to the character limitations.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography by Prasad Murella establishes the rural Rayalaseema pretty well. Music director Thaman has done a great job with a couple of songs. Gopi Sundar elevated most of the key scenes with his background score. The production values are top-notch. The editing could have been better, especially in the first half. Director Shiva Nirvana chose a different story from his previous two films. He should be commended for coming out of his safe zone, but he should have taken more care to make this film a memorable one.


Shiva Nirvana chose an age-old story and wanted to give it some modern touches. Handling emotional scenes is his strong point and he has done them with ease in this movie as well. But things go haywire in the other aspects. Tuck Jagadish has some masala moments but they could've been done better. The first half is very slow and things pick up only in the interval block. After a stunning interval scene, things go pretty well in the second half. Nani pulls off the film with his brilliance and makes it an engaging watch for families.